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TUESDAY IS D-DAY in Berkeley, California, where the heart of liberalism is trying to beat down every breath of red-blooded American freedom and liberty. Thousands are expected to show up to protest Berkeley’s Mayor and City Council who are trying to give the boot to the U.S. Marines.The controversy involves a Marine Corps recruiting station that moved to the liberal bastion of Berkeley in December 2006.


At its Jan. 29, 2008 meeting, the Berkeley City Council passed three controversial resolutions: One said the Marine recruiting station “is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders.”

A second resolution encouraged the city to go after the Marines by enforcing a local law barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (Federal law says homosexuality is incompatible with military service.) It also encouraged protests aimed at the recruiting center.

And to facilitate those protests, the city council also voted on Jan. 29 to give the group Code Pink a free parking space in front of the recruiting station so it would have a place to conduct its weekly protests — with bullhorns. (A free sound permit was included with the free parking space.)

At tonight’s meeting, the city council will consider whether to revoke the resolution calling the Marines “unwelcome and uninvited intruders.”

Show producer and blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE will be carrying the flag for the good ol’ U.S. of A, meeting with Melanie Morgan and the patriots at Move America Forward, the nation’s premier troop support organization. He’s got the details at his site.

They’ll know the Cavalry’s arrived when he wheels into town in this:

I’ll be live blogging the events all day long as they unfold. THIRDWAVEDAVE will be calling in reports and we’ll keep you posted right here. Don’t touch that dial. We’ll have it all right here for you, beginning early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Let Freedom Ring!

Live Thread begins here:


3:45 a.m. PST – “Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man…” ThirdWaveDave arrived in town to a thick fog and 40 degrees, cruising to the music of vintage Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band — (c. 1976). Dave was the first one at the Berkeley City Hall site.

Within five minutes he had done two on-camera TV News interviews, talking with reporterKraig Debro of KTVU-TV Channel 2and Amy Hollyfield of KGO-TV who asked why he came and where he stood on the issue:

Dave told her: “You are not going to out-debate these people. They have their minds made up. So, we are here to support the Marines and military recruiters and hopefully we will get the city council to rescind their order to have them leave town. That is all we can hope for.”

5 a.m. PST -“We’ve got five satellite trucks at full mast. Move America Forward is setting up their tent in Martin Luther King Jr. Park directly across the street from City Hall. The place is filling up. A car is pulling up covered in flags — flags flapping! The people in the car with all the flags — Dale Lanham and Debbie Parrish pulled in from Colorado, 18 hours on the road! Met a guy here who was in the Marine Corps — name’s Chuck Hettlinger from Suisan City.”

Gold Star Mom Debra Lee and Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns are now there, waving hello to friends on the East Coast.

5:50 a.m. PST -“Police are here now, all lined up to separate out the Code Pink people from the Patriots, there are about 100 to 200 people here now, and it’s still dark , but it’s getting heated — a couple of confrontations. Some people are going to get hurt here. These people are actually crazy.” Dave held out his phone to capture the shriek-like sounds of chanting from Code Pinkos screaming through megaphones and loudspeakers– “No money for war, no money for occupation. Money for education, money for health care”.

Media outlets continue to arrive on site: ABC 7 – KGO TV; NBC 11; KRON Channel 4; CBS Eyewitness News; KFBK 1530 Radio Sacramento; KCBS 740 AM. Adds Dave: “We’ve got two helicopters overhead.” He couldn’t make out if they were police or news copters.

Meanwhile… MICHELLE MALKIN reporting on her site:

“You’ll be very interested to know what happened back here in Washington last night related to the Berkeley debacle. And protesters in Berkeley might want to bring a couple rubber chickens as a reminder. As you’ll recall, Sen. Jim DeMint moved to deny Berkeley millions of dollars worth of earmarks to the troop-bashing city. This would have put Democrats on record: For the moonbats or for the troops?

Well, Harry Reid managed to stymie movement on DeMint’s measure. He used a rare maneuver to delay the vote until later today–giving the council a chance to backtrack and giving cover to the Dems. A Senate staffer told me: “It’s truly incredible that they went to such great lengths to avoid having to deal with this.”

Par for the course for the Move On-bought-and-owned Dems.”

6:21 a.m. PST – Daylight dawning on a crowd heating up its rhetoric and vitriol. Code Pink is nose to nose with the Patriots, but the Berkeley police will not separate them. There are 30 police officers with riot gear, standing in a line waiting for something to happen, which will, Dave assures me.

Radio show host Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward is now on scene, making a phone call to someone, insisting they separate the Code Pinkos from the Patriots before someone gets hurt. Code Pinkos already are at fever pitch and it’s only now just dawn….

7:20 a.m. PST – Police finally have separated the groups. Melanie is holding a rally, thanking everyone for being there. A very large flag is raised above crowd, flying some 10 feet off the ground.

The park area is now home base, the center of gravity for the Patriots. “There are probably 150 patriots here to 100 Code Pinkos across the street. It’s a lot more manageable now,” Dave says.

Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns have spoken to the crowd, as have a couple of other military families. Here the gals pause for a pose with Dave.

Patriot Guard Riders are arriving on motorcycles, and hard to tell which is louder – the roar of their bikes or the crowd’s welcome. They ‘re led by this awesome Hummer.

Earlier at 6:30 a.m. local TV news crews were broadcasting live from the scene for their early morning news cut-ins, with news copters overhead grabbing aerial shots.

Melanie Morgan is seen here being interviewed on KTVU-TV. Our man Dave is in the background to the left, just over Mel’s shoulder.

While Melanie and the military moms were being set up for interviews, CodePink queen Medea Benjamin tried to insert herself into the shot. Dave stood behind her and made sure his hand-held flags were positioned over Benjamin’s shoulders.

“I tried my best to make her look American”, he jokes, noting that Benjamin’s typical response to commenters is to flash them a peace sign. So sixties.

Meanwhile… Confederate Yankee reporting at his site:

“I’ve got a source that has been on the phone with the Toledo Chamber of Commerce and the City Council, and they are essentially revolting against the Mayor that shut down the Marine training mission last week. They are introducing a resolution this AM that should rectify the situation.”

9:20 a.m. PST – Skateboarding kids who couldn’t skate in the park today (no school?) while it’s being used by the Patriots, made up their own crude protest signs and cursed at the police shouting “Skateboarding is not illegal”. Police donned riot gear to protect themselves from the 12 and 13-year olds.

“The Code Pinkos got the kids together to cause trouble on our side,” Dave says. “All the adults on the Patriot side stood shaking their heads wondering out loud what was wrong with these police officers who wouldn’t take a stand with kids who were telling them to go f***k themselves. This town has no control over anybody. Even the kids know they can go around telling the cops to go screw themselves.”

Dave says the situation is calmer now that both factions have been separated by a wide thoroughfare. And the TV cameras are off while reporters get a bite to eat…

11:40 a.m. PST – Dave estimates there’s a crowd of about a thousand people there now. The crowds are pretty evenly distributed among the Patriots and the Code Pinkos. Police are lining up at both ends of the Patriot’s site. Dave’s not sure why. He says certain areas are off limits to protesters. Melanie Morgan has just returned to the Park where a large flag is flying at half mast out of respect to the passing of Rep. Tom Lantos. The TV people are back in action. The crowd is growing. Looks like lunch break is over…

12 Noon PST – Code Pink has crossed the street, the line of demarcation set by the police, and are advancing toward the Patriots. That explains why the police were all lined up. Dave says some Code Pinkos have penetrated the center of the Patriots — a fight has broken out — about 50 cops in riot gear are trying to separate the two groups. Dave is taking photos of the fracas.

Moments later, he says there must be a hundred cops now in riot gear, two rows of cops in between the two groups — spilled over into the street — TV cameras rushing over to capture it. The peace loving Code Pinkos are the aggressors, moving in to encircle the Move America Forward Patriots. Now the police are shifting all the way to the other side, in an effort to get between Pinkos and MAF.

Dave says there’s a lady there wearing contact lenses with American flags imprinted on them.

Grab a picture! I tell him. But he’s reluctant — “It’s scary looking”, he says.

(This photo of Roberta Allen of San Jose, CA was taken by AP photographer Jeff Chiu and made it onto Drudge’s front page on Wednesday.)

The police, many of whom have plastic handcuffs and gas masks hanging from their belts, have blocked off the street with police vehicles.

12:44 p.m. PST – Code Pinkos are unplugging the Patriots’ concert-sized sound speakers, cutting at least one wire.

Dave is amazed at the fearlessness of some of these military mothers. One petite Blue Star mom ventured right into the center of a Code Pink crowd of some 50 people to give one of the Pinkos a piece of her mind. Dave and several others, afraid for her safety, went in and pulled her out.

Standing beside one of the loudspeakers, another feisty woman weighing all of 85 pounds asked Dave whose side he was on. “Yours”, he replied. She misunderstood him to say “Theirs”, and shoved him into the Code Pink crowd. He quickly shouted “YOURS! I’m on YOUR side!” and to prove it, he showed her his dogtags. She realized her error, threw her arms around him, and said “Then you stay right here with me!”

Code Pink Queen Medea Benjamin is now leading a contingent of acolyte Pinkos in Pilates exercises on the lawn. “This is just hilarious!” Dave says. He’s incredulous. “They’ve got their little crown on… these people should have a net thrown over them and taken away.” Over the din, I can hear her encouraging the impromptu exercise class to bend and stretch. He’s right. These people are from another planet.

A plane circles the park towing a banner sign that reads “Semper Fidelis”. The Patriot crowd cheers and points at it. “How cool!” Dave says.

“Now Code Pink has moved into the middle of the Patriots section — police are nowhere — standing around on the other side — doing their ‘Barney Fife’. I can already see there’s going to be trouble on this side — they’ve never been this close before.”

ABC and CBS TV cameramen are close by, shooting video in anticipation of grabbing headline making fight footage. The media is there. But not the police.

A group of teens are carrying signs reading “”. They’re wearing stickers on their behinds: “Make Out, Not War”.

About two seconds from fists now, Dave holds out the phone so I can listen to the verbal altercation. Tempers are flaring. The women sound shrewish, while at least one man utters a four letter expletive. The little Blue Star mom has taken on the teens — she’s carrying a sign that reads: “Berkeley Council: The Few. The Proud. The Insane.”

Meanwhile, as tempers continue to rise, Dave says the police are still nowhere near where they should be.

“These cops are all by themselves standing at the corner, while all the people are congregated in other areas in flashpoints. Either they’re (cops) being told to do this or they’re really stupid. You decide.”

The background noise is raucous. And there are yet six hours to go before the Council Meeting even begins…

1:30 p.m. PST – The Code Pink insurgency that made its way into the Patriots’ area were primarily teenagers. The same little Blue Star mom pulled a couple of these teens aside to ask if they knew anything about Code Pink.

“Turns out they didn’t know Code Pink and International A.N.S.W.E.R. is a communist organization,” Dave says. “She suggested that they look it up on the computer.” The teens are now gone, leaving the Code Pinko crowd significantly diminished. As a result, the Patriots far outnumber them, with things having calmed down. For now.

The weather is beautiful, and Dave says people have been enjoying themselves for the last 45 minutes. He’s already got a pretty decent sunburn to go with “some unbelievable pictures of Code Pinkers. Women in their 50’s and 60’s wearing house slippers with peace signs on them. Some wearing pink robes. It’s a freak show. Fifty cents. Step right up…”

2:09 p.m. PST – Dave’s reporting that Melanie gave a rousing speech. A particularly emotional moment for her came when she told of receiving an unexpected FedEx package that held a huge surprise: her son’s recruitment papers for the U.S. Marine Corps.

She introduced Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, who talked about her son Navy SEAL Capt. Marc Allen Lee, who died defending our country in a hail of gunfire fighting radical Islamic terrorists in Ramadi. He was the first Navy Seal who was killed in the fighting in Iraq. He stood up not once, but three times to save his fellow soldiers from a murderous attack by al Qaeda.

Dave says her story brought everyone to tears. Heartwrenching talk.

Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns also spoke, as did several others including a woman who flew in on an overnight red-eye from the Ft. Benning, Georgia area. She carried with her a large sheet covered with hundreds of signatures collected from neighbors, fellow townspeople and friends. Dave says people have come from all over the United States, including New York, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Georgia.

Melanie introduced a young teen who, as it turned out, lied to her in order to get the microphone. He cleverly began with a story about his childhood friend, which quickly devolved into an anti-war, anti-Bush screed. Melanie grabbed for the microphone, but he wouldn’t let go. So someone in the crowd stepped forward and pushed him down to the ground.

Though she was doing her morning radio show today, Melanie said when she saw TV news reports of what was happening in Berkeley, she immediately left the program in the hands of her co-host Lee Rodgers and headed for Ground Zero.

Melanie is still at the microphone, now telling supporters that the Berkeley City Council is going to make it difficult for them. The items at issue have been placed late in the agenda, and probably won’t be taken up until five hours into the meeting. She says she has been told that in order for any supporters to be there when the item is taken up, they must have been in their seats for the entire meeting. City council room doors open at 5. Stand by…

4:46 p.m. PST – There are more than 300 people lined up to crowd into the Berkeley City council chamber. Dave reports that it is chaos.

He’s not likely to get into the chamber, so after a short nap in the red U.S. Cavalry Silverado , he’s heading home to catch it on the news. We’ll keep an eye on it too. It’s sure to be a newsmaker…

8:00 p.m. PST – Final entry: Dave makes it home, having foregone the notion of getting into the council chambers. Watch his site at THIRDWAVEDAVE for his after action report, including photos.

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Andrea Shea King said…

From a reader on the Space Coast:


Intellectually my brain cannot wrap itself around the paragraph you have written above… Liberals have always stood for freedom – it is the very heart of what liberalism is about. Liberals are against the miltary industrial establishment – the very one Republican President Eisenhoweer warned us all about. Liberals
were the ones who correctly addressed the evils of the Viet Nam war – a pointless excersize which cost over 50,000 young American men and women their lives (and maimed thousands of others both physically and emotionally for life) to no recognizable result or purpose.

Here again liberals are standing up against tyranny. The military has no business conducting maneuvers or traiing programs within the city limits of an American urban
environment. Especially when they already have appropriate other facilities in which to do that sort of excersize. No American city should have to put up with that. We have military bases just for that purpose. The dark evil side of such practices would be to dull the Ameican sensibilities to continuous military presence, just as Fascists did in Germany and Italy prior to WWII. Fascists,
like communists, have no concern for individual liberties and rights – the state is the end-all to be worshiped.

Are you proposing that we SHOULD be happy to entertain military units everywhere?

We SHOULD have a police state with soldiers at every corner (as they have in such wonderfully “liberal and developed” countries as Egypt)? I think not……

A Very Proud American Liberal Democrat

12:15 AM, February 12, 2008





gorgeous red with old glory displayed proudly.

i read the above note too…


imagine, the liberation of 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

and liberals would prefer a world with Saddam the Monster.

the USA has liberated so many in this fine World, and remains a brilliant LIGHT on this Planet.

and it could not have led to free so many without the amazing Men and Women who served in the Armed Forces, the brave Military, who sacrificed so much, so that fools could make fools of themselves with laughable mindless ‘police state’ comments in freedom.

some are so vividly ignorant, but such is life.

long ago, i visited the Soviet Union, when it was still a prison, and perhaps some of these liberals should be treated to such an experience, to see what a real “POLICE STATE” actually is…

1:32 AM, February 12, 2008



Your first ammendment rights at work. God love ’em.


2:21 AM, February 12, 2008


Stacy said…

The Mississippi Patriot Guard Riders are headed to Ft. Walton Beach Florida this weekend to witness history being made. Lex, a retired Military Working Dog is receiving a purple heart. Not sure how far away you are from Ft. Walton Beach.


Would love to see you if you are close.

8:17 AM, February 12, 2008


Greybeard said…

I’m trying not to gag here.
J.E., what world do you live in? My head is spinning.
Your comments about Liberals “standing for freedom” may be true in theory, but I cannot think of a more telling picture to refute your statement than to point to such recent events as granting public access to the Rose Law firm records, or the freedom President Clinton allowed Paula Jones in pursuing her civil rights lawsuit.
Are these the actions of “freedom loving” Liberals you refer to?


I am a Viet Nam Veteran, Sir/Madam.
Your comment about the Viet Nam war boggles!
You DO recall, of course, who it was that got us involved in that “pointless excersize” (sic), don’t you?
(Hint… it wasn’t a Conservative.)
I taught Vietnamese Air Cadets to fly helicopters from 1969 to ’72, to help Viet Nam begin to shoulder it’s own war burden. I watched aghast as our Liberal Congress undercut the Vietnamese and our troops, and provided aid and comfort to our enemy, leading to the eventual loss of 58,000 of my brothers and untold thousands… (millions?), of Vietnamese. And please… can you even fathom the loss of 2 to 3 million Cambodians in the killing fields due to Liberal abandonment? Please, allow me to write that number out so you can weigh its true effect….
2,000,000 to 3,000,000 tortured deaths, all thanks to our Liberal friends in Congress!

Have you actually read the Eisenhower speech which you reference? If so, you know that although DDE was concerned about the Military/Industrial relationship, he nevertheless acknowledged its necessity. He knew the world was an evil place, and America needed to stand up to the evil to protect the weak, (like our friends the Vietnamese, with whom we had signed a treaty of protection.)

When I read a comment like yours, I am SORELY tempted to resort to name calling. Instead, I take deep breaths and put fingers to keyboard, hoping to reach a few brain cells that haven’t been tainted with stupid propaganda from Liberals and Liberal media.
Freedom loving? Ha.
(Biting my tongue again here.)

9:59 AM, February 12, 2008


Aaron Matthew Arnwine – said…

I wish I could be there with you, DAVE!!!!!!!


Give em hell!

Thanks for keeping us posted ASK.

Great job!

11:41 AM, February 12, 2008


CJ said…

Great reporting Andrea!! I wish I could have been there. Let ’em come to Alabama and pull that crap! Keep it up. Looking forward to the pictures.


5:43 PM, February 12, 2008


ProtestShooter said…

Thanks for the overview – I was there on and off over the course of the day but it was great to kind of get the flow of things.


4:38 PM, February 13, 2008


Claire said…

Great reporting, and thanks for sharing the pictures! I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Johns in Charlotte NC last year about one month after my son deployed. She was on her way to the big Gathering of Eagles march in DC and stopped close enough for me to drive up and join in on one of the smaller rallies. I only got to talk with her for a moment, but she is a genuinely kind person. MAF has done a tremendous job supporting our troops. This Blue Star mom is proud of them, and hopes to join them when they come out this way again.


For our beloved Marines in Berkeley, remember what Puller would say, “They’ve got us surrounded. That only simplifies the problem.” OORAH!

4:01 PM, February 14, 2008

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