Jihad: The Political Third Rail – What They Are Not Telling You

As show producer Dave says, “She’s a female Patton.”

How many people do you know who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is — with a megaphone? To wit:

“It’s all terrible. Imagine Islam with nukes in a post American world. What a time for America to have a pussy in the White House.”

The indefatigable Pamela Geller, publisher of Atlas Shrugs needs help getting out the truth about Jihad.

It’s what the mainstream media won’t tell you, what the Washington insiders won’t talk about.

But it’s infiltrated throughout our system — at the highest levels of government, academia, and the media.

Help Us Tell the Truth About the Threat to America at CPAC

Help Us Tell the Truth About the Threat to America at CPAC

The jihad against the United States picked up steam in 2009: over one-third of the attempted and successful jihad attacks on American soil since 9/11 took place in the last year. Muslim Brotherhood organizations have infiltrated our government at the highest levels.

Still, the mainstream media won’t tell you about the jihad. Even the conservative media won’t tell you about the jihad. It’s up to free citizens to stand up now, before it’s too late. That’s why Robert Spencer and I have created a new organization to stand up against this silence and willful blindness that threatens our existence and renders us defenseless as our freedoms and way of life are eroded away. We are launching the Freedom Defense Initiative, a new activist group, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2010, with a conference entitled Jihad: The Political Third Rail – What They Are Not Telling You.

We’re bringing in some of the leading speakers about the jihad threat in the U.S. and around the world. The main speakers are Steve Coughlin and Wafa Sultan. Steve Coughlin is the former Pentagon Islamic law specialist who was fired after pressure from Islamic infiltrators. He is making his first public appearance for us at CPAC, and has startling information about Islamic infiltration in our government. Wafa Sultan stood up for human rights against Sharia on Al-Jazeera in a debate with an Islamic cleric on a famous viral video. She is the author of a blistering indictment of Islam’s denial of rights to women and non-Muslims, A God Who Hates.

Other speakers include Simon Deng, a former slave in Sudan, and a leading human rights activist against jihad and Islamic supremacism; Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is facing “hate speech” charges in Austria for telling the truth about Islam and the Islamization of Europe; Anders Gravers of the group Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE); and Lt. Colonel Allen West: a war hero who offers a real alternative to Obama’s socialism at home and appeasement abroad.

It promises to be an enlightening event, and it’s certainly unique given the general media blackout on these issues.

But to hold this event, we need your help.

This conference will be held at the site of CPAC, but it is an independent event, not a CPAC event. Robert Spencer and I are holding this event at our own expense. We are paying the speakers’ airfare and hotel bills, we are covering the costs of publicity – we are staging this entire event ourselves. We don’t have big donors, we don’t have large bankrollers. We are not a slick organization with professional fundraisers making elaborate presentations to wealthy philanthropists. All we have is a determination to get the word out about this, the gravest threat to our freedoms that this country has ever faced.

Last year, 9,000 people came to CPAC. This year it promises to be even bigger. Our event is the only one where the truth will be heard about the jihad threat. Then the videos will go up on the Internet and be a reference source to awaken people to this threat for years to come.

Please stand with us. Please help us get the word out. Please hit the “Contribute to Atlas Shrugs” link on the right and specify that you’re contributing to the Freedom Defense Initiative’s CPAC event. Or go here and contribute directly to the Freedom Defense Initiative.

It is going to take each one of us pitching in what we can in order to win this fight. It is going to take ordinary Americans who love our country and our way of life to stand up now. We are presenting truths at CPAC on which hang the very future of our nation. Please help us let these crucial voices be heard.

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. the UN Agenda 21 policy along with the Club of Rome and War Socialism are advocating Climate change policy that will restrict the abundant use of natural resources to the point that it will reverse quality of life because our lives are made up of resources from the earth , and the ability through innovation over the years since WW2 has provided a longer life span because of our ability to use our resources that give higher quality of life . These are some of the same people in Czar positions in our Obama Administration and the associations reach far into these organizations , and are the designers of allot of our current policies trying to make their way through Congress .
    So from a Supply-Side economic fundamental , how does a free market economy sustain and grow with Zero Population growth as the goal by the Elite ???? please have a debate on these subject and bring the debate front and center so we the people can fully understand what is the goal by the multi-national global elite, see here ;


    http://green-agenda.com/globalrevolution.html Al Gore is a key figure in this Club



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