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Conservative Hollywood filmmaker Jack Marino has added another facet to his creative efforts.  Jack debuted his new radio show “Warrior Filmmaking – The Conservative Way”  on LA TALK RADIO on Friday January 22.

Jack brings a unique theme to talk radio as a Hollywood filmmaker.  He’s the producer of “Forgotten Heroes”, an action war drama set in Vietnam, that speaks of the heroics of the men that fought and died there.

Jack has an endless treasure chest of “behind the scenes” stories you’ve never heard, about the actors of a different age, from the classics, like the ones you tune into Turner Classic Movies to enjoy over and over again.

He also talks about Hollywood, filmmaking, surviving as a Conservative in the most Leftist city on the Left Coast, because Jack knows what it’s like to be an actor, writer, producer, director, author or even a politician dealing with Hollywood politics.  His guests work in all levels of the film business, or aspire to change the political system.

“This show is designed to show the listener what it’s truly like to be a conservative working and surviving in Hollywood:  the real people in the trenches experiencing the many battles conservatives are forced to fight in order to survive and succeed in Tinseltown,” Jack says.

Jack’s been a guest of ours on The Andrea Shea King Show, when we spent an enjoyable evening hearing him tell of movie making and fascinating anecdotes about his favorite actor, the late Errol Flynn.

You can listen to Jack Marino live online every Friday night at 11 pm ET (8pm PST) at this link: or go to the archived page and click on play or download

So relax, pour a stem of your favorite wine, turn down the lights and tune in Fridays at 8:00 PM (PST) with your man in the Tinseltown trenches, warrior filmmaker Jack Marino.

Photo credit: Cactus-to-Clouds Photography,