I like listening to Mark Levin, and do so whenever I can.  But there’s something he does that diminishes him in my estimation.  He resorts to petty name calling and derisive comments about his colleagues in talk radio.  He’s done it to Michael Savage, and now his latest target is Glenn Beck.  Especially Beck’s style and manner of delivery.

So what, Mark? What has Levin done to uncover the corruption and lies of the Obama administration and his enablers in Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle?

Yes, Beck’s style is off the beaten path. It’s a breath of fresh air.  And if it shakes up the way vital information is presented, rah rah! We’re learning American and World history in a way that every student should be taught.  It’s marvelous.  And the “clownish” way Beck is getting it across is obviously getting under Levin’s thin skin.  I noticed that even Sean Hannity (who’s got to be looking over his shoulder at Beck’s ascending ratings) is changing some of his TV show format, using studio audiences a la Beck.  And while I’m thinking of it, I’ve never heard Hannity make a disparaging remark about Beck or any other colleague.  Again, the measure of the man.  I know from personal experience during my days at WDBO-AM 580 (Orlando) that Hannity’s a prince, a genuine good guy.  Success has not gone to his head.

Beck is the only “name” out there who’s digging, educating his listeners/viewers about history and putting into context the lies, actions, policies and people that are destroying our Republic.  Beck’s team of some 20+ researchers and attorneys have lifted more rocks and uncovered more corruption in one year than Levin has done in his career.  Why knock it?  Why disparage Beck for his style, which admittedly is unusual, but clever and highly effective?  Checked his ratings lately?

I don’t agree with Beck on everything (the Constitutional eligibility issue being a big one), but I value what he is bringing to the table.  And I thank God he’s doing it.  Lord knows, there isn’t a mainstream news department that is (Fox included), with the exception of new media Andrew Breitbart’s BIGs (Hollywood, Government, Journalism), and we citizen journalist/bloggers.

It says something about the measure of Mark Levin, a brilliant man and a patriot, that he consistently lowers himself to insults and arrogant commentary about Beck or anyone else he deems beneath him.  Aren’t we all for limited government?  Aren’t we all defending the Consitution and founding principles enshrined therein?

Levin’s constant derogatory, petty remarks and insults diminish his stature.  They reveal a small man threatened by the success of others, especially when they don’t fit his template.  His attitude is distasteful and leave me disinclined to tune him in anymore.

RS McCain — “Stacy” to those of you who read him (and if you’re not, you’re missing top shelf writing by an observant wit, by the way) — is commenting about it at his site today, wondering aloud at the apparent animosity on display toward Beck by fellow conservatives:

My 17-year-old son Bob was driving home Monday evening after we’d picked up his twin brother James from work and we were listening to the Mark Levin’s opening monologue on 1490 AM here in Hagerstown when I said, “Uh-oh, he’s going after Glenn Beck.” I grabbed pen and a piece of paper and jotted down a few notes, but Mark Maloney at the Radio Equalizer has pretty much the whole thing.

[ snip ]

If you compare either Levin or Malkin to Glenn Beck in terms of their years of service to the conservative cause, then, Beck is certainly much their junior. And since we’re making such comparisons, what about Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter?

Granted, Beck has had an amazing impact since switching from CNN to Fox. He is a dynamic personality and his innovative show is now arguably the most fascinating hour on television.

Despite all that, however, he hasn’t paid his dues to the conservative cause to the extent that Levin, Malkin, Hannity and Coulter have paid their dues. The choice of Beck for the final night’s slot, then, could be perceived as a slight to those others. If that prime spot had gone to any of those four, well, OK. But . . . a Johnny-come-lately? And a somewhat erratic Johnny-come lately, at that?

I’m not saying that’s the explanation, I’m just pointing out that Beck’s lack of seniority in the conservative movement could be a factor here, above and beyond whatever specific criticisms Levin or anyone else makes.

What do you think?