“Evil Never Sleeps”

President Ronald Reagan greets Dr. Jack Wheeler

Earlier this evening, while I was writing the post below this one, our friend and show producer Dave was writing one too.  And as it happens, it coincidentally ties in with the one I’ve reprinted below by Dr. Jack Wheeler, someone who’s been a guest on our program several times.

In Dave’s post, he introduces us to the Stockdale Paradox, a lesson on how we will survive perilous times now and future.  It complements Jack’s piece, so when you’ve finished reading “Evil Never Sleeps” below, head to Dave’s to find out what  Admiral Jim Stockdale can teach us about survival in the face of evil.

Here’s the inimitable Dr. Jack Wheeler. Unvarnished.


Was Nancy Pelosi always evil?  Was Harry Reid?  Was Barack Hussein Obama?  No, they didn’t start out in life as bad people.  Somewhere along the line, most likely not as kids, teenagers, or young adults, but as they aged and acquired political power, something inside them metastasized into a monstrosity of their former selves.

And in the process, they became evil.

Yet it is not true that power corrupts necessarily.  Power did not corrupt Ronald Reagan.  It’s not power in itself that is the avenue to evil, it’s one’s values and principles.   Valuing the founding American principle that every individual has a moral right to his or her own life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own personal happiness enables a politician to resist the temptation to use power to control other’s lives.

It is disregarding that founding principle that provides the path to evil – which we could define as the compulsion to control the lives of others, the willingness to sacrifice the lives and happiness of others in order to achieve your own goals.

And yes, Democrats have a word for this evil.  They call it “compassion.”

They have other words for their moral cannibalism, such as “fairness” and “social justice.”

There are many lessons to be drawn from this, but the one to focus on right now is that the evil currently personified by Pelosi-Reid-Obama is compulsive.  It is relentless.  Liberals will never ever give up and leave us alone.  It is the purpose of their lives to control ours.  Evil never sleeps.

The individuals will come and go.  Today it’s Pelosi Galore and Zero.  Tomorrow there’ll be others in their place.  The specific issues, crises, and causes will come and go.  The chosen passion of the Left as a rationale for controlling people was Marxism until the fall of the Soviet Union.  Now in Marxism’s place is Global Warming.  When that fails, they’ll find something else.

This is not to preach pessimism.  Pessimism promotes surrender to evil.   It is to preach the appropriate antidote to pessimism in face of relentless evil – realistic optimism.

The natural benevolence of normal people makes them resistant to recognizing evil initially.  Folks in the 1930s couldn’t believe Stalin was purposefully starving 10 million Ukrainians to death.  Even when we were at war with Hitler, no one could believe the reports of his murdering millions of Jews in concentration camps.  All of this was such hideous evil that it was literally inconceivable to normal people.

It took Pearl Harbor for us to recognize the evil of Tojo’s Imperial Japan.  It took Hitler’s idiotic mistake of declaring war on us after Pearl Harbor (as he was an Axis ally of Japan) to open our eyes to him.  Then we did what it took to rid the world of Nazism and Japan’s Co-Prosperity Sphere, including firebombing Dresden and nuking Hiroshima/Nagasaki with no apologies whatever.

We couldn’t do that to the Commies of the Soviet Union because they got nukes as well.  The Libs thus excused their evil and said we’d just have to accommodate it – until Ronald Reagan decided, “We win – they lose,” and won the Cold War by engineering the implosion of the Soviet Empire from within.

Shortly thereafter, in a spasm of unrealistic pollyannic optimism, a bright guy named Frank Fukuyama wrote a stupid book, The End of History, which quickly became a runaway bestseller – because people wanted to be told they didn’t have to fight evil anymore.

You’d have thought that the Atrocity of 9/11 would have disabused people of the no-more-evil lunacy – but what disarmed them morally from going after Jihadi Moslems like we went after the Nazis was that Islamic Totalitarianism disguised itself as a religion.

This disguise was so intimidating that the president of the United States went on national television a few days after 9/11 praising Islam as a “religion of peace.”  Just how a criminally pathological ideology having the respect of a “religion” castrates our capacity to fight it is explained in What If Hitler Was God? (September 2005).

Very fortunately, we have no such inhibitions regarding Liberalism, Obamaism – more appropriately Zeroism – and Democrat Fascism.  What is a worry regarding these pathologies is the delusion that victory over them will come with one final Waterloo – the defeat of ObamaCare, a tsunami wipeout of Dems next November, Zero losing to Sarah Palin in 2012, et al.

Any of these will only be a temporary setback for the Fascist Left.  They will remain dormant for a time, short or long, then the battle resumes.  The battle is never over, it only waxes and wanes.  We will be fighting this battle – unless we surrender – all our lives.  Our children will fight this battle, and our grandchildren – unless they surrender.

Evil never sleeps.  So neither can we.  We must always plan for the next battle and devise strategies to win it.

Maybe now I should tell you about the devil on my shoulder.

You know the cartoon where a little angel is whispering into one ear of someone and a devil in the other?  That’s happening to me regarding this ridiculous ObamaCare farce on Capitol Hill.  The little fellow in white with a halo on one shoulder wants it to be a humiliating failure for Zero and the Dems.  The fellow in red with the trident and tail is rubbing his hands gleefully and hopes it will pass.

The guy in red is telling me – I asked him his name and I think he said either “Jason” or “Mitch,” but I’m not sure – that Americans need a tipping point that causes their anger to boil over and start disobeying the State en masse.  The passage of ObamaCare with blatantly illegal parliamentary tyranny and unconstitutional mandates, that puts us trillions of dollars more in debt, that the great majority of voters hate, that jeopardizes the physical lives and health of all Americans – yes, that should do the trick.

The guy in white wants to win this battle right now.  “Evil may never sleep, yes,” he says, “but losing this would be so catastrophically demoralizing for the Dems that they would at least lay low for a while.  It would knock Zero off his Pedestal of Arrogance and drive him into more mental confusion and depression than he is already.  The Dems could kiss any other fascist efforts of theirs goodbye, like cap/trade/carbon tax or amnesty for illegals.  I want ObamaCare to go down in the flames of that fellow on your other shoulder.”

Red ripostes:  “Anger, outrage, and the desire for vengeance is the best motivator for voters.  If you want the Dems to get really and truly wiped out in November, you should want ObamaCare to pass.  If it fails, everyone will celebrate to the moon, and with that comes hubris and overconfidence, which leads to complacency and letting one’s guard down so the Dems can stage a November comeback.  Believe me, I know a lot about how evil never sleeps.  America needs a real outright rebellion to cleanse itself of fascist government.  Passage of ObamaCare would precipitate it.”

The argument continues with one thing clear.  We have to have a strategy for either eventuality that takes maximum advantage of the opportunities of each.  Most importantly, we can never think the struggle is over if we win one battle – or if we lose one.

The anti-Marxist, anti-Soviet guerrillas of RENAMO (Resistancia Nacional de Moçambicana) fighting the Communist seizure of their country of Mozambique in the 1980s, and with whom I spent some time, had as their rallying cry:

A Luta Continuá – The Struggle Continues.

The struggle for freedom and against the forces of fascism will always continue.  We have the morality of freedom, America’s founding principles, and 300 million guns in private hands on our side.  That’s a very good basis for realistic optimism.

An optimism tempered in the reality that the evil we face is in fact evil, that it means us and our country harm, that it is ruthless, that it is relentless, that it will never abandon its attempt to control our lives.

Only by facing this reality can we begin to not only hold Democrat Fascists at bay from further destruction of our freedom, but start to recapture the territory of freedom they have stolen from us.

And this way, no matter what happens to ObamaCare, we can use its passage or failure to expand our freedom, and make Pelosi-Reid-Obama evil if not go to sleep, at least take a nice long nap.

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. The little red devil just made Harry Mitchell (D)AZ, do the wrong thing he is voting yes for the messiah. I have already let JD hayworth’s facebook know. Also the phoenix teaparty people, Harry Mitchell is the one who beat JD by about 700 votes in 2006. I am now going to contribute to D Swiekert to beat Harry mitchell in Az. I got the info from my favorite enemy sites Daily Kos and firelake they are keeping a minute to minute update on yeas and nays

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