Five days and counting…

I’m flying to Nevada this Friday and the excitement is building! I’ll be writing to you about the 42-city, 20-day tour and taking my radio show on the road starting in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight this Saturday, where we’ll be joined by Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Joe the Plumber, entertainers Lloyd Marcus, Diana Nagy and many other mega talented folks.  Heck, rumor has it that even “The Other” McCain might show up in his dusty loafers. Now that’ll really be an event.

Later on Saturday, we’ll roll into Henderson, NV for another Tea Party where Ann Coulter will be our “Big Name” speaker.  Amen?

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Yeah, really!

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National Tea Party tour coordinator Joe W. writes: “This is from the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas.  They are the ratings powerhouse in the market (upwards of 50% of viewership for some of their top-rated newscasts).”