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  1. Wonder why the left find this so threatening???? Could it be because they will lose voters if border control becomes a fact?

  2. Generally speaking, if they lose this debate (which they’re doing, judging by the polls), they’ll fail in their effort to ‘re-create the civil rights movement’ yet again, and garner 95% of the hispanic vote the way they do the black vote. That’s what they’re shooting for. And if the public remains firmly against it, the noise from democrat Washington will abate, and no bill will come anywhere near passage. They tried this in 2007 and the nation flat out ROARED until they gave up. Bush was on board, McCain was on board, half the republicans and all the democrats wanted it, but the public said no.

    And with tea partying being all the rage now, the roaring will be even louder. Our total lack of purpose and policy on the border is counterintuitive, lacking sense or rationality, and is nakedly and unambiguously a democrat vote-getting strategy rather than a genuine attempt to improve anything for anyone.

    I remember a couple of years ago they tried to re-create the civil rights movement for gays in California. Their effort failed. No public support. In fact, the irony of that ballot proposition’s failure was that California black people voted over 70% against it. For awhile there was even the threat of ‘gays vs. blacks’ riots in the streets.

    Now the Dems are teasing the hispanics with the idea that reform will be enacted, and trying to rally the hispanic vote to their side to counteract the huge problem they have now for the 2010 elections.

    But the polls say this is backfiring on them and it won’t work.

    in any case, they’ll never manage to pass a bill on this. Hispanics now have ‘the green light’, like the sign said, to be angry and Dems and to realize Dems are just using them.

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