Things heatin’ up?

I’m wonderin’ if folks on the Left and on the Right might be thinkin’ that all them other folks wantin’ to know who this Obama character is are — p’tooey —  “birthers”, and they are plumb crazy.

Yeah, it’s enuf to make ’em get all twisted up in their knickers and get to settin’ their hair on fire agin.   I know, I can hear ’em thinking and grumblin, “Why, don’t those dumb ol’ birthers know enuf to leave it t’alone?  Ain’t no “there” there.  Everyone knows it ain’t no battle worth fightin’ over.”

Heh… well Ma, the kettle’s a’whistlin’, no matter what the “betters” might be thinkin’ bout it.

Yee-epp.  The dog days of summer are here and they just gonna keep on gettin’ hotter. Ain’t they Obama?   Yep. Gettin’ hotter…

That there tabloid rag, whatchamacallit —  “The Globe” — is splashin’ some mighty inerestin’ news of some social security numbers.  Seems Obama’s got a few in his pocket, and most of ’em are fakes.  Genuine forgeries.  Yep.  There t’is — all over the front cover. In eye-catchin’ color.

Seems some folks have been diggin’.  Ain’t never stopped since the day this cat come into town on his high horse. Just diggin and diggin…

Yep, they been jest goin’ about their business, ignorin’ those uppity folks who like to look down their noses at — peeyew! — them’s they call the “birthers”.  (Man, don’t they stink!)

Well no matter, cause these here puzzle pieces are fittin’ together right nice, and the picture we’re seein’ sure ain’t Camelot.  No sirree, Bob.

Some folks are pitchin’ in their pennies and dimes to buy themselves some big ol’ billboards.  You know the kind — them big ol slabs like where everyone can see when they’s travelin’ down the road?  Yep.  There’s writin’ on them big boards.  Words askin’ where he was born.  Who his kinfolks was.  Where he was schooled, and whatnot.  Simple questions anybody’d ask about their president, I reckon.  And they’d be happy to see a birth certificate, thanky very much.  A real one. That’s all.

Some of them boards have pictures on ’em.  Kinda like a histr’y lesson.  They got Hitler, and Stalin, and just so’s they don’t feel left out — Mao Tse Tung and Obama too.  Right nice of them folks to include ’em up there on the storyboard o’ the ages.  Even if they’s the dark ones.

Seems Oh-bamma ain’t doing too well in the popularity contest neither.  Some’s saying he’s in the negatives.  Hoooey!  Lessen 22 points is what they’re tellin.  Phew!  Ain’t never seen folks be so negative on a man, lest he was a horse thief…

That keeps up, could be jest a matter of time ‘fore ol’ Bammy’s handlers toss him into the pigsty with the rest of the oinkers fightin’ for swill.  I reckon the time’ll come when the ones that brung him will hung him.

Oh, was that a bad thing to say?  Didn’t mean it to sound like a colored thing.  No sirree.  Ain’t ’bout color. I just like things that rhyme.

Like hope and dope. Or… dreams and schemes.  Yeah… like that.  Or how ’bout “red and dead”.

Cause that’s what he’s gonna be when his keepers get to feelin’ like he’s a stone ’round their necks.  Bossmans don’t cotton much to a hired hand who don’t get the job done and ‘stead cause ’em nothin’ but troubles.  Like, take Obama’s missus, for example.  Now there’s an uppity woman if I ever saw one.  Always scowlin’ here, scowlin’ there. Don’t matter none if she goes to Spain for lunch with the royals.  Some women just ain’t never satisfied.  You could give ’em the bigget piece o’ cake on the platter, and they still act like someone just passed gas.  She ain’t never happy.  Why, all you got to do is change one letter and there she is!  Harpy!

You kinda got to feel a little badly toward the skinny One.  Even tho’ he is an arrogant cuss, he’s jest a shuck and jive man, doing his best to keep his bosses satisfied. And he sure do got a lot o’ bosses… Soros, SEIU, ACORN, Ayers, the Saudis, Ahmadinijad… lord a’mercy!  I don’t know how a man can keep up with it all.  No wonder he’s got to get some fresh air alla time.  Lucky for him there’s that there golf thing.  Otherwise, lord knows what he might else do…

Well, it’s been a pleasure. I’m gonna take my leave now, and let this here doc explain it to ya’.  Ya’ll come back again.  We’ll keep a chair pulled up to the cracker barrel for ya.  Drop in anytime.

Commuters in Missouri traveling north to Kansas City on Highway 71 might see a yellow billboard likening President Obama to homicidal despots Adolph Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung.