I have posted here in the past about Mark Levin’s chronic sniping about Glenn Beck.  I said it served to make Levin look small, venal, envious.

I like Levin.  He’s informative, patriotic, entertaining, and mostly outrageous, with a huge heart for our military.  There’s a lot to like there.  So it kinda pained me to hear his petty and insulting rants about Beck.

Well, pigs are flying and hell has frozen over… listen to this.   Levin has taken up for Beck.

Before you listen though, read these two comments from others who summed it up:

About time Levin! The dude needs to take some blood pressure medicine and lay off his fellow conservative/libertarian radio commentators. Glenn makes a point of not laying into fellow conservative/libertarian radio/tv commentators he disagrees with unless he can talk to them in person. No low blows… unless it’s libs like Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann… lol

Sometimes I wonder if Levin is just jealous that he doesn’t have more market share.


It’s official…..hell has frozen over!

Maybe Mr. Levin is learning that when there are only 5 of you living in Babylon, there are just some things you don’t argue over.

Kudos to you Mr. Levin.