The battle between George Soros and his minions and truthteller Glenn Beck is heating up to gigundo proportions.  The knives are out for Beck, wielded by the Soros minions who are collecting their paychecks from the “Spooky dude” global financier.

On his show this morning, Beck talked about the attacks being leveled against him by Soros-funded operations.

Yid with Lid Jeff Dunetz came to Beck’s defense with this piece in Big Journalism:

George Soros should ask for his money back, the million dollars he gave Media Matters to go after Fox News is a waste. Glenn began a series of shows exposing the  financier and Democratic Party sugar daddy Soros and what was the best the progressive spin shop come up with? Something that will rank as probably the lamest charge of Antisemitism made since God told Abraham to leave Ur, the land of his birth, his kindred and his father’s house, and move to the Holy Land and create the first “Jewish neighborhood.”

Dunetz was responding to charges by Media Matters that Beck’s webpage The Blaze has pushed a book that smears Soros with anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Today Glenn Beck’s The Blaze turned to “Zubi Diamond, author of The Wizards of Wall Street” in order to push the claim that George Soros may be “betting on U.S. financial collapse.” According to Diamond, Soros’ agenda is “to destroy capitalism.”
That the Blaze would turn to Diamond to further Beck’s smear campaign against Soros is telling: Diamond’s self-published book is littered smears of George Soros that are rooted in anti-Semitic stereotypes, including calling Soros the “mastermind” behind of a “cabal of slithery rich” who “visited financial violence on the American people to get Barack Obama elected.”

I hit Twitter, filtering out everything except what was being tweeted about Beck, and found  links to other pubs Beck was discussing on his show.  Like this one at The Daily Beast, again accusing him of anti-semitism for his charges against Soros.

The program, which aired Tuesday and Wednesday, was a symphony of anti-Semitic dog-whistles. Nothing like it has ever been on American television before.

Beck’s implication is that there was something sinister in Soros’ support for anti-communist civil society organizations in the former Soviet Union. Further, he sees such support as evidence that Soros will engineer a communist coup here in the United States. This kind of thinking only makes sense within the conspiratorial mind-set of classic anti-Semitism, in which Jews threaten all governments equally. And as a wealthy Jew with a distinct Eastern European accent, Soros is a perfect target for such theories.

And this complementary (coordinated?) rant at the Huffington Post.

I think Glenn Beck should be fired. He has told a lie so grotesque that it goes beyond the pale of even dirty politics. Just when I thought he couldn’t shock my conscience anymore, he has done it. Let me explain.

And then he does, defending George Soros and excoriating Fox News with every keystroke forward.

The New York Times throws in, getting into the cage fight too with this piece.

The Fox News host Glenn Beck was criticized Thursday by the Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish advocacy organization, in response to a televised segment about the financier George Soros and the Holocaust.

Throughout three programs this week, Mr. Beck has portrayed Mr. Soros, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, as a “puppet master” who is “notorious for collapsing economies and regimes all around the world” and whose “next target” is the United States. Citing Mr. Soros’s statements about the decline of the dollar, Mr. Beck said, “Not only does he want to bring America to her knees, financially, he wants to reap obscene profits off us as well.”

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, took issue with Mr. Beck’s depiction of Mr. Soros as a “Jewish boy helping sending the Jews to the death camps,” calling it “offensive” and “horrific.”

TIME magazine has nominated Beck — again — for its Person of the Year.  As of this morning, Beck is scoring at the #4 position.  In the #1 slot?  Julian Assange, the Wikileaks mastermind.

No matter what happens, Beck says if they (Soros) shuts him down, he will continue to speak out about what he knows to be the truth.  “If I end up talking to you from your back porch, I will.”  He knows the pressure being applied to the execs at Fox News.  The “heat in the kitchen” as he describes it.

One last thought… in my filtered search on Twitter, it is apparent that the Soros-paid trolls sit at their keyboards, furiously typing slams at Beck. The numbers of tweets about Beck are overwhelmingly — and vitiriolic –against him. Like with political campaigns, dumping money into them typically assures a win. It’s a lesson Soros knows very well.