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Ann Althouse’s husband took these photos after the professional “educators” finished swarming the Wisconsin state capitol building today.  Evidently they were so exhausted from a day of hanging from the rafters, they just didn’t have the strength to either properly dispose of their signs or carry them home.  Pigs.  And this is what passes for Wisconsin’s teachers? Pigs. Pigs. Pigs.

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Dave from Dallas writes:

quick thought..  this kind of explosive protest does not happen in an instant.  These people have been ready for this, planning for this, and have a strategy and tactics to execute.  Getting the legislators out of town is a part of that.

This day, I’d say, makes Glenn Beck right and a whole bunch of naysayers wrong.  Leftists are most definitely busily planning this kind of thing, in concert, coast to coast and all over the world, and their plan is long term and comprehensive.  They do not intend for our country to revert to anything like constitutional conservatism and limited government.

and they do NOT intend to relinquish any outsized shares of the pie they might have grabbed off the table over the years.

Makes me wish we had people who weren’t already WORKING who could respond this quickly.  I know we can out-protest them ten to one on any day– but only saturdays and sundays, right?  😦  Because we’re too busy paying the taxes they leech off of.

The new politicians who are leading the way on this are to be commended.  those angry mobs have already been to the State Senate majority leader’s HOME up there.

This is the kind of day that makes me glad that millions of us are armed.


J. I. writes:

Not only is it being planned well in advance, but it’s being planned by the “Organizing for America” arm of the DNC, which is described in Politico as being the remnants of the 2008 Obama campaign. So really, it was founded by Obama, and is now being used against the governor of Wisconsin.

It should also be pointed out that NO ONE is losing their job, they’re simply being asked to pay for half of their pension cost and 12.6 of their health care coverage. The horror! Imagine if there were actual CUTS and LAYOFFS here. It’s also pathetic to see these kids used as pawns, dragged to these protests with no clue as to what they’re actually protesting. They’ve just been told GOVERNOR = BAD.

And you’re right, Beck and a few others have been predicting this kind of thing for a long time. Think American leftists haven’t been inspired by Egypt? (I’ve been disturbed by some of the “revolution” rhetoric I’ve seen even from people I know.)

Here’s the Politico piece that explains the OfA:


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