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Sal Russo, chief strategist for the Tea Party Express

“Wisconsin is ground zero for the country,” Tea Party Express founder Sal Russo told Newsmax in an article that appears today.

“This is the left’s last stand to turn back the tide of what conservatives have been trying to do in the country over the last two years. So we can’t fail there — it’s ground zero.

“Liberals are trying to say, ‘Even if conservatives win the elections, as we did in a lot of states in 2010, we’ll be able to frustrate and stop them and make it so difficult for them that nobody else will run like that in other states.

“It will bring an end to this conservative tea party revolution that we’ve seen over the last two years,” Russo warns. “That’s their goal: Not just to win in Wisconsin, but to stamp out the tea party movement and fiscal conservatives all over the country. They want to set an example in Wisconsin so that we’ll stop trying in Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and the other states.”

In light of those high stakes, Tea Party Express is airing television ads and a get-out-the-vote campaign on behalf of state Supreme Court Justice David T. Prosser Jr., who is up for re-election Tuesday.

Newsmax reports:

Conservatives on the court, including Prosser, hold a 4-3 advantage over the court’s liberal justices. But if the unions succeed in getting environmental activist JoAnne Kloppenburg elected instead, Democrats will seize control of the court.

That could be critical, because the court is expected to rule on a wave of legal challenges coming from opponents of Walker’s controversial budget-repair bill.

One sign of the growing national importance of the donnybrook in Wisconsin: Palin weighed in on Thursday, posting an endorsement of Prosser on her Facebook page. “Wisconsin, please remember to vote for Justice Prosser on April 5,” she wrote.

Russo says of Palin: “She’s been a big help in crystallizing the issues for Americans. She’s done it consistently and did it again yesterday with her endorsement.”

“These statewide elections are notorious for very low voter turnout. So the motivated voters will make the decision. And right now we’ve been fearful that the motivated voters have been the left-wing unions and their supporters in the state. So that’s the biggest fear we have: That the people of Wisconsin are on our side, but the people who vote on Tuesday aren’t on our side.”

In response, Russo’s organization is handing out phone lists that conservative activists are using to contact Wisconsin conservatives and urge them not to be complacent, and to turn out and vote.

Tuesday’s campaign is just one front in the ongoing battles over collective-bargaining rights and public-worker entitlements in Wisconsin. Other elements include:

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John Nolte, a native of Wisconsin, writes at Big Government about the dirty tricks being employed in this critical election.

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The American Grassroots Coalition is asking for your help:

Our friends at the Tea Party Express have started a Phone from Home project.  We are partnering with them on this effort and Justice Prosser can use all of our help.

If you can make phone calls to help re-elect Justice Prosser, please send an email tophonefromhome.tpx@gmail.com and you will receive the information to start making calls.

You can support American Grassroots Coalition by making a donation.  No amount is too small and we cannot do this without your support.

If you live in Wisconsin – Make sure to vote April 5th and take family and friends with you!

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