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Carving by ?

A tip of the hat to Fleet Defender for alerting us to this website which reflects astute observations about this “president” and his Marxist objectives. Prepare to get an education.

Who is this president?

With the news that Obama signed an intelligence finding to support the rebels in Libya weeks ago, two pretty serious questions emerge:

1. Did intelligence on the rebels already reveal their Islamist elements? Or if, as Hillary Clinton tried to claim, the ideological composition of the rebels isn’t clear, then how could the administration form an opinion that helping them is in our, or Libya’s, interest?

2. Did the administration in fact help create the insurgency, which led to the supposed “humanitarian crisis” that became the pretext for the military action?

Bumbling is one thing. This doesn’t look like that. It looks like it has a purpose, but not one that’s connected to any recognizable American interest.

Is this some post-American exercise in which the U.S. military is being used as a mercenary force to achieve a goal that actually contradicts American interests? I heard the occasionally reliable Michael Scheuer, the former CIA Qaeda specialist, say yesterday that giving air support to the rebels in Libya was the equivalent of giving air support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

If that’s even close to the truth, then who is this president?

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