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Reader Nick C. expresses it beautifully.  THIS is what I’m sayin’…

If anyone doubted the complicity of Fox News, today’s gloating by the talking heads should remove all doubt.

I thought Shep Smith was going to call Chris Matthews on air and share tingles up each others’ thighs. O’Reilly hasn’t weighed in yet, but you can bet your last dollar he’ll pour it on thick, too.

The media shows their hand if you watch close enough. I have been saying for quite a while now, they are heavily INVESTED in the industry of Obama, and in Obama’s lies. They really have little choice, they have to go this route as they passed the point of no return way back in 2008.

I think their gamble in releasing this birth certificate photocopy now is clear. They all know that the numbers of the population that they call “Birthers” and a “fringe”, are far more than a fringe. Trump’s popularity unequivocally proves this.

Therefore, they had to stop the growth of the movement and mitigate the damage as they hope to divide this large voting segment of the population. They will succeed to a degree. But to what degree?

The media now piles on to assist but they will all be watching the poll numbers with toes and fingers crossed. WATCH THE MEDIA FOLKS. Will it do as Inside-the-Beltway- Krauthammer asserts and make this issue irrelevent?

Well, I don’t think any of them will digest a meal until the polls show that they beat a significant portion of the “birthers” away from the issue – with the exception of Michelle of course – nothing seems to interfere with her meals.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts and hit them with everything we have, especially the Connecticut Social Security number.

If this turn of events does not elevate the very legitimate ineligibility issue, it will do precisely as they designed it to do – split us, and make us irrelevent. We will be shewed away like homeless dogs.

This is a great OPPORTUNITY for advance! Seize it.

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