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UPDATE:  Judge Perry has given Casey Anthony a release date of July 13, just six days from now, according to Fox News’ Phil Keating, who corrected his earlier estimate of next February.  The announcement of the imminent release of the woman found not guilty of murdering her two year old child was met with surprise by many. One jury member said they were sick to their stomach at the verdict.  So were we.

Earlier report:

Could be released next February, according to Phil Keating of Fox News.  But that’s not definite, and we’ll hear more later from the presiding judge, Belvin Perry, who also slapped fines on her of at least $1000.

Casey Anthony came into the courtroom with her hair down, looking like it hasn’t been washed in days.  A huge crowd was reported to be outside the Orange County Courthouse, awaiting the sentencing.

Bottom line:  Casey Anthony will remain behind bars, at least for now.  Plenty of time for a shampoo.

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