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I had occasion to meet Juan Williams at the 2008 Presidential Debate held in Orlando FL.  (Where in the World is Andrea Shea King?) Juan was enjoying a boxed lunch behind the scenes with Jeff Birnbaum when I approached him to introduce myself.  Apologizing for interrupting his meal, he nevertheless stood, graciously welcomed me and shook my hand and even posed for a photo.  I found him to be affable, courteous, and not so jaded that he seemed thrilled that someone made an effort to seek him out and compliment him on his latest book.

So, what I’m about to write is not meant on a personal level.  For what I know of him, Juan Williams is a nice guy.  But it stops there, because Juan is a mouthpiece for the left, and not a very clever one at that.

Today the Dutchman takes Juan Williams to task. And at the same time, explains his own involvement in helping bring attention to this growing ATF operation Fast & Furious – Dept. of Justice scandal.

“The Right has had it in for Holder ever since he managed the controversial pardon of fugitive Marc Rich in the Clinton Justice Department.”

You’ve got to read the whole thing to understand what mendacity is at work here.

My comment posted at The Hill, “awaiting moderation”:

Right. This from a guy who, on FOX News Sunday, didn’t know the difference between Melson, an ATF Acting Director, and Melman, a cartoon giraffe in the movie “Madagascar.”

As the guy who effectively broke this story on the Internet on 28 December, who communicated early on with ATF whistleblowers, who linked them up with Senator Sessions and Senator Grassley’s people and the media, this patently political piece of twisted excremental spin is more than disgusting.

If you want to talk about depraved indifference to murder, Juan, how about the ATF supervisors who were “giddy” at the reports of “walked” firearms turning up at murder scenes in Mexico?

The scandal is young, and there will be many more words uttered that you will in the end have to eat, Juan, but among the bitterest of turds will be your deliberate ignorance of the obvious and your stupid defense of the indefensible — that this administration which you heralded into existence with sweet journalistic hymns of approval, was so evil and corrupt that they deliberately let firearms go into the hands of cartel murderers in order to justify their subversion of the Second Amendment here at home.

Mike Vanderboegh

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