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Glenn Beck opened his show this morning with a lesson about what an analogy is.

Playing Hank Williams Jr.’s “All My Rowdy Friends’, the opening song for every Monday night NFL football game, Glenn said even his uneducated grandfather would have known that Hank Williams Jr.’s comments on the Fox & Friends show yesterday morning was an ANALOGY!

“ABC can be a wuss, but we aren’t.  Turn the song up!” he said, referring to ABC-owned ESPN’s cancellation of the opening song on last night’s MNF.

Beck explained that what Williams was saying that Boehner is a total opposite of Obama, and Boehner is an example of what’s wrong with the GOP, the golf game was symptomatic of the betrayal of the GOP.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know we werent’ supposed to say “Hitler”,” he said.

“Why is it Broadway didn’t have a problem with “Springtime with Hitler”?  He then played the play’s title song, saying he wanted everyone in Hollywood black listed for it…

Expressing mock shock, Glenn says, “They don’t say ‘master race?!!  I want Mel Brooks rounded up!  Nathan Lane too. He was in this show.  He should be banned from every B’way show from here out because they’re clearly holding Hitler up — and now they’re doing a dancing number???

I mean WHERE’s THE PRESS!!???

But they currently are holding signs in Wall St about how the bankers are Hitler.And that’s OK.

ABC should be apologizing.

Let’s play the little media game.  He’s (Williams) trashing the Republicans.  Did you see the golf game? Every adult in the room understands that that’s satire.  The problem is there isn’t an adult left in the media.

Black is to white as is up is to down. An ANALOGY!!!

Stu added:  “Hero is to cowardice as cheat is to honesty.  Crumb is to bread, as splinter is to wood.  Are you comparing wood to bread?  How could you possible compare the two.  It’s an analogy!”

Glenn said, “It’s so childish so unbelievably childish, dishonest.  Stop paying attention. Put your money where your heart is. Really ABC? That’s what you’re going to do? That’s how much freedom of speech means now. He didn’t compare Barack Obama to Hitler!  What happened to freedom of speech?”

If you follow their logic, we should really hate Johnny Cash… did you know he shot a man just to watch him die?  Gunned his wife down too. Then went over the border of Mexicio and caughter him there, named his son Sue?

Boy, Johnny Cash, boy, we ought to hate that guy.  I bet he made a comparison too.  Hitler?  I don’t know but you can see it in his heart. You listen to JC and you are clearly racist.  Listen to RadioHead, they’re really good people.

Enough is enough.  I know nobody’s gonna give up MNF, but I am.  (Glenn is not a sports fan!)

The media has made its choice.  While they waste their time pulling Hank Williams Jr. off, the media have found their tea party on Wall Street and they are clearly promoting it.