Whitney who?

After I posted this photo, I got a Tweet from someone who suggested I read this.

I did, and I’m not sure I agree with this Gold Star Dad, although I certainly respect his point of view. And I am deeply sorry for his loss. The loss of a child, whether to disease, accident, or war, is the hardest thing we would ever have to suffer.

I posted the above photo because it exactly captured my feelings about all the coverage about Whitney Houston’s death. Many times I thought “You would think she was a head of state the way the news media is covering every detail about this woman. They should be as investigative with Obama’s background. What BS this is. Just more bread and circuses for the dumbclucks out there. Think about how many hours were devoted to the singer. And this is important to me why??? This affects my life how???”

It disgusts me to see how our culture and the mass media absolutely adore celebrity. Yes, Whitney Houston was a very talented singer. But she was a human being with huge problems that she lived with every day of her relatively short life. Problems brought on by herself and the decisions she made. Tragic? Yes.  But of her own making. End of story.

This Gold Star dad has every right to feel as he does. But I want him and others to know that I’m not using the military dead. I have far too much respect and gratitude to do that.

I posted it to make the point and as a reminder of how messed up our priorities are.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. As you so eloquently put it, Whitney’s early demise & her miserable life, rife
    with conflict, marital troubles & substance abuse was entirely “of her own
    making” & I too am sick & tired of seeing & hearing celebrities elevated to the
    status of quasi-royalty or something!! I thought it was sad when Whitney chose
    to abandon the teachings of her childhood, along with a promising career as a
    Gospel singer to marry a “rap star”. Now, that the result has finally been realized,
    all these media figures act as if they are “shocked” at the outcome & saddened
    & distressed by this, unfortunately, all too-common tale amongst entertainers. Why
    does such a story, outside of a cautionary tale, merit such round-the-clock updates?

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