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I’m traveling today, so will be unable to post much about SCOTUS’ decision and the resulting fallout.  The court’s decision on the Obamacare question is tragic, and I believe that many people who have been on the fence about Mitt will now jump in full throated for him to eliminate this stain (oh, I could be so-o-o-o ‘racist‘ by describing the color of this stain…) from our nation’s history.

We must take responsibility for this.  For too long we the people have looked the other way, paid no attention to our elected representatives, our public education, and the steady encroachment of socialism, now communism and Marxism, that has been steadily creeping into our institutions, and have taken control.  

So now we certainly are reaping what we’ve sown… paying for our mistakes. The chickens — the foul fowl — have certainly come home to roost.

America.  It’s time.  Are YOU registered to vote?  Are those around you in your circle of influence registered to vote?  Do they understand what’s at stake? ACTIVATE! Give it everything you’ve got.