This is it – the final battle in the fight for America’s future. We can’t afford to lose, and that means we have to do our best to make this tour and associated TV ad campaigns as helpful to the 2012 Election effort by the Romney/Ryan ticket as possible. — Joe Wierzbicki, Campaign to Defeat Obama

It’s been a busy day here at Hacienda Florida. Got in late last night after spending ten days in Wausau followed by another six days in Las Vegas, getting the tour organized.

Our team at the Campaign to Defeat Obama is busy nailing down rally sites, engaging with grassroots contacts, securing the VIPs who’ll be speaking at our rallies and during our Sept. 22nd Radiothon in Las Vegas, just seven days before we kick off the REBUILD AMERICA DEFEAT OBAMA tour with a caravan from Milwaukee to Janesvile, Wisconsin, home of vie presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

It’s an ambitious undertaking.  At least 72 stops across the country, and we’ll be on board the touring buses for — count ’em — 38 days. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, and we’ll be working even as we’re rolling, securing the venues, double and triple checking them to be sure everything is in order, because you know Murphy’s Law — if it can go wrong, it will…

But we’re excited and eager to get this show on the road.  We’re asking three things of you:

1.  Please be sure to check the tour route to see if we’ll be visiting a city near you.  Come out and join us and be sure to bring along your 3.5 x 5 (or smaller) photo of something you built.  We plan to post your photo along with those of others we’ll collect across the nation on a gigantic billboard, and park it in front of a strategic location where it will get maximum news coverage and Bah-Rock’s attention.

2.  This coast to coast rally takes us through critical swing states. We are leaving hearth and home and the comfort of our own beds to represent you throughout America. Please continue to support our effort with your contributions. Donate by clicking here.

3.  Text, Tweet, Facebook, and email everyone on your mail list about our REBUILD AMERICA DEFEAT OBAMA tour.  And tell everyone the old-fashioned way — word of mouth!

Join us! Though a cross-country, five-week long tour is not Washington crossing the Delaware, the effort is gargantuan and the stakes are as high. Will it be liberty? We’re going to do our part.  Will you help?