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“Time flies”.

Three years… already.

Our days pass rapidly in flickers… clouds and shadows sweep over the landscape of our lives — the sun sets, the sky darkens, the moon rises… The clock ticks. Tempus fugit.

We look up and a year is behind us.  Look again and it’s three years gone by.  Thirty-six pages on the monthly calendar, torn off one at a time, until there are a pile of them on the floor.  And yet it feels like yesterday.  Still…

And so today, we mark three years gone since our friend, mentor, and loved one Dave “Thirdwavedave” Logan left us.

Still so strange.  He was just here, so alive and filled with ideas, observations, life. And yet… Three years have gone in a blink.  The snap of a finger.

“Watch and learn”, he’d often say.  “Watch and learn…”  An astute observer of human nature, he understood politics. An expert at poker, he knew the moves, counted the cards, watched the tells.  His predictions for our country are unfolding, just as he foresaw.  He knew so much of what was to come, it was uncanny.  Read his writings, and see what I mean.

I’ve saved his posts to a WordPress site, a hedge against the day Blogger might deactivate his now inactive blog.  I often think how lucky for him that he doesn’t see the damage done, the level of decay to which our society, our country, has sunk.

Dave would have been in the fight. He was a determined warrior who drew his inspiration from men like Gen. George Patton, Adm. Jim Stockdale, President Ronald Reagan. He’d have been battling against the Marxist, socialist, and communist toxins infecting us. But his fight is done, and Dave rests in peace.

Three years…

A mourning dove coos a sad song, but for Christian believers, the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, God’s infusion of knowledge and spiritual understanding. Dave understood.

“New Doves” by Dave…

1 - Dave Front Cover copy