Former Clinton operative Larry Nichols explained Thursday night on the Hagmann & Hagmann radio program the reason why Trump said what he did about running as an Independent.

(NOTE:  Nichols was a guest on my show last Monday night).

The following is a rough transcript of the first hour of Hagmann’s show.


Larry Nichols:

“Donald Trump says “if I’m not treated fairly he will go independent.”

What he’s saying is this:  in the Republican party during the primary season the Republicans have a nasty little trick. If there’s someone running they don’t like or don’t want to win or be on the ticket, they rig it.  Through the State Party. In 6 or 7 states what they’ll do is kick the candidate off the ballot. When that happens they can’t possibly win the primary.  Such was the case the last time Ron Paul ran.

The media never told anybody about this.  A State party can block anyone they want to from running.

For example, someone (candidate) might have a stand — lets say a candidate is for abortion — They’ll keep him from running because “it’s against what we stand for in the Republican party.”

Who is the head of the RNC?  Reince Priebus?  Wrong.  That’s who its supposed to be.  The real head of the RNC is Karl Rove.  Technically he isn’t but he represents the hierarchy that controls the RNC.  Priebus just does what he’s told.  Rove and his gang, McConnell, Boehner, McCain, are the actual muscle behind the RNC.

So what Trump is saying is “if you pull a dirty trick, Rove, and fix it that I can’t win as a Republican, here’s what I’m gonna do.  I’ll run as an independent.  No, I will not win, but it will guarantee Hillary a victory.”

They know it.  He knows it. That’s his leverage to make them stay honest.

Trump is running a real campaign.  He doesn’t need anybody’s money, so you see him running an actual campaign, saying what he wants to say, right or wrong. Nowadays everybody else is so connected to money they can’t say what they really feel.  And what happens is the candidates will do the money’s bidding.

Pretty soon you have this huge list of positions that may not be anywhere close to what you (a candidate) really believe, but what you have to say to get the money. And all of a sudden, you’re jammed up.  Everybody giving you money has their pet issues.

Then you have McConnell and Boehner telling you where they want you to be so you stay in line with the party – and you end up with candidates that are wax dummies with a recorder in them.

And that’s what makes Trump so unique… like him or don’t he’s a phenomenon, a free spirit, because he is not tied to the money.  And that is his sin, why Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Reince Priebus, the RNC don’t like him — because they can’t trust him. Cause they can’t make him do what they need to make him to do when they want to.  Over time you hear him say “as long as I’m treated fairly I’ll stay republican, but I won’t take a pledge”, cause that’s when he loses his leverage.

Until Trump started saying what he’s doing, why would we have ever had this discussion?

Jeb Bush.

Once again what you think you see and what is are two different things.  It looks like Bush is kind of in trouble because he’s not talking, he’s not  (garbled) out.  Folks, he’s not supposed to be talking now. This is the Republican party’s fun time, where people get to announce they’re running in the Republican party. They get to get a little name exposure.  Sometimes, it simply what they’re doing now to get them some national ID to get them some exposure for the next election. So all these people get in the race.  Bush is not supposed to be talking, saying a word, no way.  Cause if he doesn’t he wins.  He has already built him up a huge huge cash pile of money.  what I have heard said by the media and others, he’s already got hundreds of millions of dollars.  He’s already got enough money to get through a tough primary race, even if he didn’t raise another dime.

Top donors for Bush are also top donors for Hillary. What Bush has got to do is just sit quiet, let the others get in the race, have their day in the sun.

They’ll run out of money.  They get out of the race.  And this is the little twist, the part you may have not picked up on.  The reason he’s not supposed to talk right now is because there’s a rule in politics: he offends the least wins.  He who offends the least wins.

There’s another little saying:  you can never get somebody to work as hard to get you elected that loves you as somebody that hates you will work to defeat you.  These sayings are the whole world in politics.

If Jeb were to come out now and get vocal against Huckabee, really get after Huck for some position or stance, you know what would happen?  When Huck runs out of money, his supporters would be so mad at Bush, they wouldn’t support him.  So by keeping his mouth shut by leaving Husk alone, knowing he’ll run out of money, he’ll get his supporters.  That’s all he’s gotta do,  Sit quiet.  Just sit quiet.

The media will say we’ve gone 40 minutes and haven’t mentioned Jeb once.  And one of these brilliant pundits will say “yeah he’s in all kind of trouble. Cause he can’t get his name out there,” and I’m sitting there saying “You Idiot, you’re not much of a pundit if you don’t know what’s going on.  He’s not supposed to talk, he supposed to keep his mouth shut.”  Cause whatever he would say now against any of his competition in the primary could cost him their votes when that candidate backs out.

Democrats fall in love.  Republicans fall in line.  Come the end of this primary season as we get near election day, by design all of these candidates will have dropped out, run out of money, and they will be left with one choice:  fall in line behind who?  Jeb Bush


Want me to tell you how many votes Trump’s gonna get come election day of the primary?  I went thru this with Larry Sabato, UVA, PoliSci head —

take Donald Trump’s percentage — say it’s 17%.  Take Carly Fiorina’s percentage.  take Ben Carson’s percentage and take Rand Paul’s percentage. Add those up and that’s what Trump will have come election day.  Everybody else will fall into Bush’ lap.

That’s if Bush plays it smart.  But if gets in and mixes it up, if he panics, takes the bait, gets in there and fights with any of these guys… but he’s not going to make that mistake.  He’ll gonna his mouth shut.


Trump vice president pick?

He’ll choose Fiorina.  I know he’s gonna choose her.

He’s making a great effort to win the female vote.  Remember, you can kinda read Donald Trump.  He’s a free spirit so when he says what he says…

He loves women, cherishes them, adores them. Some of the smartest people are women.

Unfortunately, as you can see him not being a politico — professional politician as such — he’s gonna make a mistake there.  He should pick a female that would gain him some votes, but if you understand the academic of this, you would know he’s already got Fiorina’s votes because she’s anti regular old politician. That’s what this movement is — Fiorina, Carson, Paul… that’s an anti-established politician vote.  He’s already got her vote. So by picking her, he’s gonna gain nothing.

And then where she’s gonna be played different from any other female… remember what happened to Clarence Thomas when he was made Supreme Court Justice? Here was a black man at the highest position in law in the land, Supreme Court justice, and instead of the blacks celebrating “Wow! Look at what we’ve got!”  they called him Uncle Tom.

Well, the female vote as such, instead of celebrating Carly Fiorina for being elevated to vice presidential status, they’ll play her down.  Hillary will see to that. She will not be considered a female.

[But what he should do is pick someone like Palin or Bachmann to retain Fiorina’s vote and pick up new ones.]  He’s gonna get her votes [Fiorina’s] anyway just on the anti-political side of it.  What he should look for is a female Republican (garbled) who has a constituency of her own, different than that group he’s got. Then, he gets a plus.

Everybody that’s picked for Vice President is not picked because of their presidential prowess. They’re picked because of what they can bring to the party as far as votes. That’s why Johnson was picked as vice president under Kennedy.  He could bring the southern votes.  You know, Kennedy was a  committed Catholic northerner.  Catholic!  They had to have somebody that could bring deep south on board.  They had to have a vice presidential candidate that was southern born. Southern bred. And that was Lyndon Baines Johnson.



Then… you got Hillary.

Hillary’s taking it on the chin. This email thing’s killing her.  She’s dropped seven points in Iowa behind Bernie Sanders.  The sky is falling.  Hillary’s in trouble over the emails.  The FBI’s got the server.  Come to find out there were out of 40 they sampled randomly, oh my, two were classified top secret. Big crime. Sky’s falling for Hillary.  She might I’m sure, be thinking about getting out of the race, ya’ll.  That’s what the media’s saying.

The truth is she’s played it perfect.

Number 1:  On the emails — if you listened close, you heard that of the 40, 2 were classified, 2 were top secret.  Listen to the small plant: The two that were top secret, the “top secret” had been removed from it, so when Hillary got it on her server, don’t you see, it didn’t say “top secret.” It didn’t say nothing. She’s held harmless legally.  She’s held harmless. How was she to know it was “top secret” if it didn’t say “top secret.”  So forget that.

Bernie Sanders! Bernie Sanders ahead of her by 7 points in Iowa?  Folks, Bernie Sanders is an established 30-some odd year Washingtonian congressman who just happens to be a full fledged socialist.

Hillary had an objective in the beginning of this race.  One thing I taught them, you never run unless you can run as the underdog.  Never never never never run unless you can be the underdog because that’s an edge that you get.  America loves the underdog.

What happened to Hillary when she went against Obama the first time, she came in, she didn’t follow our system, she was the queen bee, she was the anointed one, and she liked that, she liked everybody bowing down to her and knowing she was it.  Well guess what? She got whupped.

Not making the same mistake this time. Now, Hillary’s the underdog. Can you believe it? But, but, she’s the underdog behind the candidate that she wants to be the underdog of. You see, we used to — when I was with them — we would actually take money from our donors and we would put it into the other party’s primary race, we would literally fund our opposition so that we would pick a person we knew could not beat us, and we would fund them so that they could beat the person they were running against that could cause us trouble.  I would not doubt that Hillary’s people are funding Bernie Sanders.

Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Here’s what I know — up north, New Hampshire, Iowa maybe, they can run as a socialist. They don’t care.

Then try pulling that off down south and see what happens.

They know when the race actually gets running, Bernie Sanders ain’t gonna be nobody. But right now it works to Hillary’s advantage cause she looks like she’s in trouble.  But is she?  But now that you know, they’re the ones that brought out the email trouble.  How do I know that?  Pretty easy when you know with paper brought it out. NYT.  NYT is basically a PR firm for the Clintons and always has been.  And I can assure you — I’m the guy who brought out 37 of the 38 major scandals against Bill — if anybody knows which media they would always go to counter a scandal I put out it was CNN on TV, NYT in print. That was their personal counter-war department. So if I were running Hillary’s campaign, I’d take the email Benghazi stuff and say ‘surely we know some publication, let’s get this investigation out and lets get it going and let’s get us in trouble now. Have we cleaned everything up? Have we cleaned everything up? Have we got all the documents and everything scrubbed?’

That server that the FBI got? I happen to know the guy that was part of the team that scrubbed it for the Clintons.  They scrubbed it seven times.  I don’t know anything about computers and I don’t even know what that means, but apparently if you’re going to scrub clean a server, you’ve got to go thru a seven step process.  They did. They’re not gonna find anything there.  All the emails that are such trouble, top secret and stuff, that’s been wiped clean of top secret. She’s held harmless on that. There’s nothing you’re gonna find there, nothing.

But I’ll tell you what you are gonna do — by talking about it now, people will get tired of it and as you come nearer the real election when we get thru this fake primary season, you know what Hillary’s gonna have in her hand? Delivered to her like 500 million dollars of some of the best cash you’ve ever had?  OMG, Hillary.  She’s gonna have the sympathy vote.  Those mean old white men republicans have picked on Hillary to no end. Bless her heart. The sympathy vote.  There ain’t nothing you can do about the sympathy vote. The sympathy vote will take you home and give you victory. And that’s what Hillary’s out to get.

If it wasn’t so sinister, if I wasn’t so ashamed of myself I’d say, “Good job, Hillary. Great job. Taking our system that I put in and you have played it brilliantly, Hillary. And this plan will lead you right where you want to be – the presidency of the United States. Well played, girl.  Well played.”

You know what they will do to take out Bernie Sanders? They’ll just have the media start telling what a socialist is.  And to all of these young people, that have been calling out to his rallies by the thousands?  They’ll just have the NYT and others tell what life will be like under a socialist.  He’ll go away.  He’ll be done.

The big sentiment out there is anti politician – the old guard politician.  All they have to do is point out “My God, this man’s been in Washington for 38 years. He’s been a congressman.  You’re trying to get rid of the old guard politicians, right? Well he’s one of the oldest politicians there is, plus he’s a socialist. He will go easy when its time.  But until its time, he will give her the cover she needs to make her the underdog so that everybody will feel sorry for her. Isn’t this terrible?

I’ll guarantee you, you’ll notice they haven’t made that O’Malley her nemesis, have they?  He can’t even get a dial-up. Whoa!  Cause he’s a real candidate.  He might sneak up and beat her. They ain’t gonna let that happen.


In the second hour, there’s more about Bill and Hillary’s dirty tricks: Bill’s inscription inside a gift of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”, Dick Morris, Paul Begala, the depths of depravity and deception employed to win elections, controlling the media and reality, and more. Stunning…