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This article was written by “#TrishTheDish, Founder of USNewsCorps. It was published at Medium.com onMay 21, 2017


The murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich exploded back into the headlines last week when private investigator, Rod Wheeler, appeared on FoxNews. His statements shook the airwaves and set off a new frenzy of public relations spinning and Russia hysteria. And while Wheeler ultimately walked back his most damning statement — that he could confirm contact between Seth and Wikileaks prior to his death — the basic fact remains: Seth Rich was murdered in what was clearly a targeted attack.

When DNC lawsuit process server Shawn Lucas died under mysterious circumstances less than a month later, it was reported that Rich had been working on several DNC committee cases involving voter and election fraud and was scheduled to testify before the FBI regarding Clinton’s email case. Moreover, you may recall the DNC refused repeated FBI requests to turn over its server for examination — a concept known to most of us as ‘obstruction of justice,’ and usually involves jail time. Further fueling the current uproar has been Megaupload founder and world-renowned hacker @KimDotcom’s series of ensuing tweets in which he claims to have known Seth Rich and offers to produce evidence that Rich was a Wikileaks source.

Nearly two hours of Rich’s time is unaccounted for the night he was murdered. He had bruises on his hands and knees, and two gunshot wounds to the back, yet none of his cash or valuables were taken in what has been characterized by DC Police as a ‘botched robbery.’ Three of the first responders were wearing body cams and the official police report indicated that Rich was conscious when they reached him. Yet despite the body cameras and multiple security cameras along the route Rich would have taken home that night, no footage has been reported or released.

In another curious twist, Rich was given VIP status at the hospital and though his injuries were considered non-lifethreatening, he died within two hours of being found. ‘They were very surprised he didn’t make it,’ brother Aaron Rich said emergency responders told him. ‘He was very aware, very talkative.’

Just prior to the news breaking on Seth Rich, George Webb’s investigation had just broken the code of how intelligence was being acquired, organized and utilized by the spy ring he is uncovering. The strategy appears to have been this: cycle doped Blackberries through key players that would allow all email content and notes taken during meetings (including a SCIF) to be automatically synced to an offsite server via strategically located towers. After a deal or negotiation had been completed, the devices would be replaced to cut off the trail.

When Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, not only did she refuse to use the secure device tested by NSA, but she lobbied to ensure that all the individuals being targeted for spying used Blackberries from her ‘trusted’ source, too, acquired and distributed through Anthony Weiner, who had no security clearance, himself. The Awans handled the back-office work of doping the devices and installing towers to provide continuity of service. Clinton and her team ensured access to the content and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe oversaw the operation — that’s right, the same guy who was in charge of investigating it.

And it turns out that much of the current operation just got rebranded and dramatically expanded after the Iran-Contra affair, involving many of the same key players.

The bottom line is that Seth Rich’s murder is solvable, but there has clearly been no motivation to do so by either the DC Police or the FBI. No public pleas for help by law enforcement, Rich’s computer cannot be located, no camera footage, and despite a large reward, not one single lead in his death has been identified after nearly a year. Meanwhile, if @KimDotcom can produce evidence that Seth Rich was, indeed, a source for DNC emails submitted to Wikileaks, it completely destroys the Russian hack narrative being pushed so hard by Establishment politicians determined to cover up their corruption and engage in yet another hot war.

You can join this historic effort by following George’s video series and sharing data with him along the way in the comments of his posts. If you have an article or citation, copy and paste the most relevant language into the comments along with the link to make it easier for him to sort through the flood of leads that come to him every day.

There’s no way we can let up now.

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