‘Here’s something even worse: Harris’s reaction to the matter, when asked by CNN in the after-debate, was pathetic. As Chris Cillizza noted, she effectively told CNN that she was the most popular kid in school and Tulsi was the geek trying to knock her down a peg, so she didn’t need to pay any attention to Tulsi because she was still the prom queen.

As Cillizza noted, that’s not answering the question, that’s a sign of a thin skin, and above all, it’s “not a good look for any politician.” Perhaps this means the Harris bubble is over. Her old boyfriend Willie Brown has already said that he never really thought she had what it takes to be president, and this astonishing exchange shows it. If Harris can’t handle Gabbard, how is she going to handle President Trump? She virtually crumpled in the face of Gabbard. Count on some falling poll numbers to pay Harris a visit after this one.’