Many years ago, (more than I’d care to reveal) my gal pal “K” introduced me to the “teachings” of New Age guru Marianne Williamson.


“K” was enthusiastically taken with Williamson’s mystical view of the world, and  expected that I’d agree and embrace it too.

So I read Williamson’s book and listened to her tapes, giving a fair chance to see if her mantra might “convert” me to her way of thinking.  Nope.

Though Williamson’s “teachings” were, ummm… “fascinating,” much of it ran counter to the deeply held tenets I had as a Catholic Christian, and so I wasn’t buying it.

Well imagine my surprise when I learned that Williamson was running for president!!!

Attractive, articulate and likely appealing to the weak-minded who are looking for their guilt-free “chakra”, she’s getting noticed.

If you dig up the old tweets of self-help author Marianne Williamson, who stood in her now-familiar place way out in left field during Tuesday’s first night of CNN’s Democrat debates, you’ll know her as the candidate representing Xanadu.

………here’s a great nuclear weapons negotiation strategy versus Iran’s mullahs or Kim Jong-un: “In chaotic times, seek peace within. You then become a harmonizer of external forces and a midwife to peace on earth.”

But the other leading candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination who took part in the first night showed America they’re just as loopy as Marianne.

Williamson labored to underplay her New Age flakiness, but near the end of the three hours it turned out to be a losing battle. Asked if taxpayers should pay for free college for welfare recipients, Williamson said, “I think that all domestic and international policy should be based on the idea that anything we do to help people thrive is a stimulation to our economy … That is how we shall have peace and that is how we shall have prosperity.”

What separates the wacky New Ager from the three conventional leftist politicians who stood center stage Tuesday night is that at least Williamson admits she believes the moon is made of green cheese.’