Was reading what Ace had to say about Rep. John Ratcliff’s decision to bow out of consideration for the DNI (Director National Intelligence) post (previously occupied by Clap-on, Clap-off).

Ace is disappointed. But the silver lining? Ratcliff will stay in Congress where someone with his intellect and moral code is sorely and desperately needed.

Good piece, worth reading.

But my favorite remark didn’t come from Ace. It came from one of his commenters – (and if you haven’t clicked on the comment section over there, you’re missing some of the snarkiest and funniest comedy gold out there. Best of all, it’s free.)  Like this one:

Commenter A: “We didn’t need to lose a real R Congress critter. We need every one of them.” 

Reply from Commenter B: “I was not happy that he picked him. Picking Mittens to get him out of the Senate would have been better, for instance. (then fire the prick).