Meet George.

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George Webb is the journalist known for interviewing whistleblowers in Piketon, Ohio regarding missing UF6 uranium containers and the mysterious shutdown and removal of centrifuges from their state-of-the-art uranium processing plant.

Unfortunately, after meeting with an FBI informant in Parkersburg, WV, Webb was temporarily diverted from the Piketon, Ohio centrifuge story by an FBI informant with information “from a group of homeland security experts with over 100 years of combined experience”.

The FBI Whistleblower provided information that a container ship on the Maersk shipping line was potentially shipping a dirty bomb into a US port. The FBI Informant also provided the code word “Memphis”, which turned out to be a Maersk ship.

Despite the Memphis Maersk being in the Port of Charleston, Webb predicted an attack would be more probably in the Port of Norfolk, and went so far as to describe the international drug dealer who was known to perpetrate such attacks.

During an online broadcast on the YouTube Channel “Crowd Source The Truth”, Webb predicted the drug dealer “Ibrahim” would strike at the Port of Norfolk, Virginia if at all, not at the Memphis Maersk’s then-current location in Charleston, South Carolina.

Despite the Norfolk Ibrahim warning, Webb was still smeared by the New York Times and CNN as having aided the show producer, Jason Goodman, in shutting down the Port of Charleston for a few evening hours as a precautionary step.

Webb’s three-year investigation of the global dark weapons, drugs, oil, and human trafficking cartels intersects with the very same Deep State criminals who attempted a coup d’etat against President Donald Trump.

Webb’s research uses publicly available documents and metadata, a deep and extensive knowledge of computers, software, hardware encryption (on Blackberries carried by members of Congress, for example), hacking techniques, and good old fashioned shoe leather. His amazing memory and ability to connect the dots is uncovering the deeper story of the Deep State and the players involved.

Filing at least one video report a day, oftentimes two or three, Webb introduces us to the names of those we recognize and trusted, as well as the names of those who hide and do their dirty work in the shadows.

You can find Webb’s reports at his YouTube channel, and with his sometimes partner, Georgetown attorney John O’Laughlin at McDuff: Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA.

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