A friend of mine is a commercial pilot. He is also an historian. And a Constitutionalist. He was Tea Party from the beginning.  He grew up in California where all the girls are hip and the guys really dig the styles they wear… And he paid close attention to the 60’s and 70’s decadence in Laurel Canyon and what those dark “recreational” activities spawned.

He uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get his opinion out there. And trust me, he nails it every time. He’s no one’s fool.

I’ll share with you his latest FB post – this one on the so-called “news” reports of what I would describe as “false flags.”

We’ll start with this screen shot of Kenny’s post. and go from there.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 8.57.06 PM.png

“Go back to 9/11/01 . . . there were so many holes in their ‘official’ narrative, I could have driven a semi-truck through them. Too many to mention.

Sandy Hook – I was watching on live television as another suspect was chased into the woods behind the school minutes after the shooting – only to see the media break away and show the guy we all know now as ‘the shooter.’ When a reporter asked a spokesman from law enforcement – the very next day – what role the guy being chased into the woods behind the school played in the shooting, the reporter was told sternly to report ONLY the ‘official’ story (I actually TiVo’d this, since I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I watched the live footage of the immediate aftermath of TWA 800 crashing into the water after departing JFK – with each news station interviewing those who witnessed the event. Every single person said it looked like a missile hit the plane. Within two days, the ‘official’ story was that a spark from a faulty wire ignited the center fuel tank, thus causing the explosion.

Yep – and I’m the Tooth Fairy.

More recently, I knew several people who were in the crowd at the Las Vegas shooting last year. Two of these friends have tactical training – and all of them told me that there were multiple shooters. Bottom line, the media was lying.

And, as usual, covering something up.

Now let’s get into my area of expertise – aviation. Remember the Horizon Air Q-400 that was ‘hijacked’ on the ramp in SEA earlier this year by a ramp agent whose only piloting knowledge came from a Microsoft Flight Simulator game?

We had to listen to the alleged ‘conversation’ between him and the air traffic controller over and over again for weeks. Simply put, there is NO WAY that plane could have ever left the ground, given the current security measures at airports.

No way in hell.

Then we were told to buy into the story that the conversation between him and the controller actually happened – as he was doing aerobatics all over Puget Sound. I’ve seen several video feeds from panicked private citizens, who thought the plane had passengers on it. The ‘aerobatics’ I watched on video were Blue Angel/Thunderbird-type maneuvers. Commercial pilots couldn’t have performed those types of moves – and we’re supposed to believe some ramp jockey with ZERO hours pulled this off?

100% bullshit.

So now, this weekend – after Trump backed the congressman from Baltimore into a corner with some rather harsh accusations (missing 16 billion in federal money) – not one, but TWO shootings take place in one weekend?

Pardon me if I can’t muster up the blind faith needed to believe ANYTHING the media tells me anymore. I’ve just seen enough – it’s nearly all fiction.

We’re being played – on a scale we can’t even fathom. Lift up the proverbial curtain, and most of us would be SHOCKED at what’s (and who’s) behind it.

People were obviously shot, and my heart goes out to their families. In the meantime, brush up on the MK-ULTRA subject.

It’s probably more relevant than we know . . .”