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Now that Dave Perkins has returned to Facebook following his imposed “vacation,” he’s back to posting the delicious think pieces that got him suspended three times and counting.

Dave and I have discussed the inevitability of returning  to that which brought us here in the first place – Blogsites.  He said,

“One of these days, I’m going to start a blog and just use social media to link to a blog posts so that offense is not given 🙂

I think everyone needs to restart their blogs and share links with each other and rebuild the blog role, so we can be functional apart from social media.

We were free before Facebook, we need to be free again.

They can’t control the content or shadow ban 10 million servers on 10 million different websites… they can only control their own stuff.   We need to free ourselves of their stuff.”

As you know, I’ve liberated myself of their free stuff and returned here to my internet roots.

And until Dave establishes his own blogsite (it might take one more FB suspension before he undertakes the task), I’m delighted that you’ll occasionally find him here.  Of course, you can also find him at his FB page (at least for the unforeseeable future… LOL).

Welcome to The Radio Patriot, Dave!


by Dave Perkins

Leftism and crime are of the same root — they are parasitical on a normal society.

Crime is only a sensible occupation if there are things around that are worth stealing, or people around with extra money who want to buy illegal things. In other words, prosperity is what makes crime pay.

I realize there is more crime in poorer societies. That’s because people turn to crime out of desperation. But crime doesn’t PAY, isn’t an OCCUPATION, without a prosperous and orderly society off which to prey. What good would it be to become a wealthy drug dealer if nobody made Ferraris or cigarette boats, because nobody would BUY them, because the economy was destroyed? Criminals want the good life. Destroying their society puts that out of reach.

Same for leftism. Only leftism is worse, because even though it DOES need a prosperous and orderly society to lure people into it, unlike crime it cannot HELP but destroy that society.

Criminals know they need the prosperous peaceful orderly society, and so they include in their calculations taking care not to destroy it.

Leftists do NOT know they need prosperity and order. They see those things as evidence of unfairness and cruelty, and they regard as their MISSION to change all that.

In prosperity and calm, though, the younger generations can be easily led to see unfairness and act on it. And in their youth, they do not know what leftism is and what it intends for them. Without life experience, they just don’t know how good they have it. Leftists lure young people into political support of leftism by making it seem they will be better off, without having to do anything except vote for and support the left. They use old human sins like jealousy and envy to make leftism attractive as an alternative to “those terrible evil rich people who take and take and don’t give us any”, etc.

Crime, organized crime, is sensitive to its environment. It knows and respects its parasitical nature. On the rare occasion when a criminal begins to believe there is no limit on his rise, he usually finds the limit, and quickly. Capone. Gotti. Gangsters never rise to run everything. They have to keep their heads low, or they find themselves in a war against order and prosperity, which even if they win, they lose.

But leftists declare outright their war against prosperity and order. Suicidal, but they’ll take us all down with them.