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We all knew (didn’t we?) that AG Barr wasn’t going after Comey on this count because there’s much more that Comey will be charged with.

From The Federalist

‘A deeper look provides a clue that the memo-leaking investigation may have been abandoned because it’s insignificant compared to the real reason James Comey needs to be held to account.

As I previously reported, even before the Russia collusion hoax, Comey signed his name on sweeping surveillance violations. Pursuing Comey on the memo-leaking offense would be like charging Comey for jaywalking after he crossed the street to fire a close-range kill shot at our Constitution.

Comey presided over an assembly line of constitutional violations. As I noted, “The FISC court did not provide numbers but it’s reasonable to infer that the term ‘widespread’ in reference to ongoing violations by multiple officials could mean thousands of felonies under the cover of the Comey and Brennan affidavits that apparently remain uncorrected, in spite of having been found false by a published court opinion.”


Could this be why the deep state criminal cabal is thrashing about wildly in panic, causing mayhem and disruption in our society?

With the able assistance of their handmaidens — the corporate owned media, of course.