Now that the Democrat party has been thoroughly trashed, taken over by bitter, hate-filled Marxist-Leftists, where do the moderate Democrats go?

I’m talking about the ones who still (and will always) harbor a visceral hatred for Trump, but no longer have a home with a political party they don’t recognize.

Those who silently shake their heads in disbelief, disgust and amazement at “their” candidates on the national stage who are promising to give everything to everyone if you’ll “just vote for me!”  Who are staking their claim with give-away promises to bestow largesse to everyone, including illegals who are here eating our sustenance?  To each according to his needs…

Are moderate Democrats appalled at what’s happened to their political home?  The party with which they’ve identified all their lives?  The party of JFK?

Where will they go now?

Like Israelites wandering in a desert bereft of ideas – the political wilderness – who will moderate Democrats vote for come Election Day 2020?   The array of socialists from which they must choose are dividers, racists, liars, Alinskyites, Marxists who make FDR look positively Right Wing.

Can we expect the moderates will come to their senses and vote for Trump who is bringing jobs and strength back to our nation?  Who is valiantly and bravely cleaning out the corruption and ridding us of the corrupt?

Or will they stubbornly and defiantly vote Democrat because he or she has a “D” after their name?

Or will they stay home on election day, or once in the voting booth leave the President circle blank?

Some years ago when he retired from public service, I interviewed Zell Miller, the conservative Democrat gentleman from Georgia.  He had written a book, his final one I believe, and I was eager to talk with him about his reasons for leaving the Democrat party.

The words of this wise southern democrat conservative who served most of his life representing his people, including later in life as Georgia Governor and US Senator,  come to mind:

“If Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson lived today, they would have a great lawsuit against the Democratic Party for consumer fraud. What the party stands for in no way resembles what those great leaders believed about governing…

...the national party is so far adrift we shouldn’t even call our annual fund-raisers Jefferson-Jackson dinner.”