The ‘1619 Project’: Unfit To Print


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…“Once the Times runs a story on page one,” that veteran cameraman told me, “we’re told to run out and do it!” If the Times decrees a story important, by definition it is important. And when the Times ignores a story— or a book or a social trend or an idea—then it is invisible. As the syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock puts it, “The cult of the New York Times . . . holds journalists, politicians, and other opinion makers in a Svengali-like trance. If the Times says the sun will rise in the west, then by golly it will!”

On a typical morning, this is how assignment editors and producers at the network news divisions begin their day. Step one: They open up the New York Times. Step two: They scan the paper for stories to put on their nightly newscasts. Step three: They get one of their high-priced reporters (who is in his or her own office also reading the New York Times) on the phone— a reporter who may not have come up with even one original story idea in his entire network career (I mean that literally)— and tell him or her to go out and do the New York Times story. Step four: He or she does, and that evening a video version of the Times story is on the air…

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Journalism, my ass.