Whose side is Barr on?

Whitney Webb has published the final episode her 4-part investigative series on Jeff Epstein and the deeper connections he had with the deep state underworld, which involved continuing the Iran-Contra to Awan-Contra weapons for drugs CIA operation.

From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

This morning, George Webb (no relation to author Whitney Webb) and Jon O’Loughlin read from the piece, with George interjecting even more backstory that wasn’t included by the reporter/author.

Remarking on a particular section in which it is reported that Bill Barr (yes, THAT Bill Barr), acting as a messenger for then CIA Director William Colby, gave a stern warning to then governor Bill Clinton, both George Webb and O’Laughlin conclude that Bill Barr is a…

… well, you decide. Here’s the section, followed by George Webb and Jon O’Loughlin video reaction to it, with time marker pointing to George and Jon’s commentary:

“After Clinton’s half-brother Roger was busted for cocaine smuggling (Clinton would later pardon him while president) the CIA sought to move Contra operations out of Arkansas, hoping to put a damper on the increasingly public and sloppy Arkansas-based operation. According to Terry Reed in his book Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, co-written with John Cummings, a hushed meeting was held in a bunker at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas. During the meeting, William Barr, who represented himself as the emissary of then-CIA Director Bill Casey told Clinton:

“The deal we made was to launder our money through your bond business but what we didn’t plan on was you and your n****r here start taking yourselves seriously and purposely shrinking our laundry.”

Barr chastised Clinton for his sloppy handling of the delicate operation and his half-brother’s very public fall from grace. He would later tell Clinton, according to Reed,

“Bill, you are Mr. Casey’s fair-haired boy … You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you fuck up and do something stupid, you’re No. 1 on the short list for a shot at the job that you’ve always wanted. You and guys like you are the fathers of the new government. We are the new covenant.”

Listen to Webb and O’Laughlin’s reaction to the man who is now our Attorney General and who Barr is referring to as Bill Clinton’s n****r.

Begin at 27:47.

There’s much more on this hourlong video that you might want to make time to listen to.


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  1. I’m watching now. So good to see the excitement on George’s face. I’m excited to have Andrea back. Our flock flys high and Proud 🕵️‍♂️🦅🕵🏻‍♀️

  2. He was on the side of his clients. That is what all good lawyer’s do. Good, bad or ugly, they represent their clients to win. It is not personal. It only becomes political if their clients make it political. They are seldom directly involved. They serve as an advisor and adversarial role. In short, they keep their hands clean.

    It is certainly prudent to question Barr’s loyalty to Trump and his integrity in doing the AG job and will he deliver on the goods. Only time will tell us that for sure. He showed positive signs during the Mueller report but then seems weak in the Epstein investigation. Perhaps it is simply we are not seeing the desired results we expect or continue to expect. Perhaps the Deep State is using Trump to expose only enough information to let the public know that we have been had; there is nothing we can do about it and welcome to the USSA. BEND OVER!!

    1. All well and good, but how do you explain his active involvement with Iran Contra? You read the quote. I read Terry Reed’s book. Barr was dirty then. Is he still dirty?

  3. FYI
    Feb. 2019: Mary Daly, Barr’s oldest daughter and the director of Opioid Enforcement and Prevention Efforts in the deputy attorney general’s office, is leaving for a position at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit, a Justice official said.

    Tyler McGaughey, the husband of Barr’s youngest daughter, has been detailed from the powerful US attorney’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, to the White House counsel’s office, two officials said.”

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