Don’t you love the nickname? (insert smiley face here).

Taken from a page of The Morning Rant:

“Just saw a Zogby poll that had Donnie Two-Scoop’s approval rating at 51%. Just think about that. With non-stop, 24/7 relentlessly negative media coverage, he’s still pulling in a slight majority. I have to say, I don’t place much stock in these approval polls, but I have to ask, what would his approval numbers be if the press actually covered him fairly? Conversely, the way the media slobbered all over Obama, you’d expect his approval ratings to be sky-high, but especially during his second term, they barely rose above 50%. In other words, about where Trump’s is now.

“Obama did pretty good in the first two years, back when he was a fresh new face and people were genuinely curious about him, but the numbers steadily decreased over time, and despite all the fluffing and smooching and butt-kissing, the media could never really get his numbers higher than those of the president they’ve been trying to destroy for over two years. This should be a story in and of itself. That is, it would be story *if* we had a functioning media instead of a matrix of interlocking left-wing blogs.”