The Prime Minister proposed his plan to the Queen this morning and it was formally approved this afternoon

While the EU attempts to extort billions in ransom money from the Brits, Boris Johnson has suspended Parliament for five weeks causing the Remainers to freak out.

From the Daily Mail:

The Prime Minister caught his political opponents off-guard and stunned Westminster this morning as he said he will to send MPs home for most of September and the start of October.   



OK, so here’s my thinking on this… do you suppose Boris shared his intentions with POTUS while they were together at the G7? And if he did, what do you think our POTUS said?  My best guess:  President Trump told British PM Boris Johnson to “GO FOR IT!”

One thing I’m pretty sure of — ousted PM Theresa May didn’t have the nerve to take on the challenge. And the people of Great Britain said, in effect, “off with her head.”

What the world needs now is more Trumps – and I think we’re seeing it in Boris Johnson.  Kudos to the Queen for agreeing to shut down Parliament until the Brexit vote is take Oct. 31. Long live Elizabeth.

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