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We already know the DOJ declined to spend time/resources prosecuting Comey for leaking the 4 memos, including the 1 that ended up being read to a NYT’s reporter. What this report does is it SHOWS YOU what Comey was doing during a crucial window of time: leading the coup plot.

What **activity** and **steps** was Comey taking from the time he wrote the 1st memo to the time he wrote the 7th memo to keep Trump in the dark & assuring him personally he wasn’t under investigation while Comey was still running Crossfire Hurricane & desperately FISHING away?

7 memos pull the curtain back & SHOWS you what Comey was doing while running Crossfire Hurricane, desperately fishing for stuff to use against Trump with all this spying, while simultaneously trying to keep Trump in the dark by assuring him he wasn’t under investigation.

Is this a good time to remind people these SpyGate plotters also “investigated” the incoming AG, Jeff Sessions? Why, yes, this IS a good time to remind people of that! Remember this meme I made?

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After this all goes down I’ll go back to being “Stealth Jeff” for a month, just to rub all the losers’ faces in it. They **still** think Sessions didn’t have to recuse himself and that Rosenstein was part of the SpyGate plot. They don’t understand how Comey, McCabe were set up.

McCabe is rushing on TV to do his part in the launch of a massive public relations campaign to spin SpyGate when it goes ‘national’ after Horowitz’s FISA report hits & indictments are unsealed. But Trump already has it all. They can’t stop it.

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NOTHING they can do will stop what Horowitz, Barr, Durham or Huber have been carefully preparing to unleash. A PR campaign is useless when the other side has all the documentary evidence.

Here’s something people don’t understand: the DOJ can pretend to **change it’s mind on any referral from Congress or the IG at any time**. People have this idea you get 1 shot at this, when the referral is first made, you get 1 decision, then it’s over for all time.

Once again, as Wictor likes to say, nobody knows how anything works. As long as the **statute of limitations hasn’t expired**, did you know the DOJ & the AG can **go back to any referral & reconsider it & make a new decision? It’s true!

I keep telling people, the folks in charge of re-instituting the rule of law in this country fully understand what they are up against. You get to rip the lid off of THIS Pandora’s Box exactly ONE time, and you had better not screw it up.

Stop for a second. Look at the people in the small pictures here and think REAL HARD: how do you alert them, the Democrats, the DNC Media Complex that you actually DO fully intend to send these people to prison? Do you not grasp the full blown 4 alarm freakout that will follow?

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When I say ‘massive PR campaign to spin SpyGate’, that’s what I’m talking about: a full blown 4 alarm freakout in the media where you will see people like Maddow, Tapper, O’Donnell, all these MSM people doing THIS all day on the TV. THIS is what they’re getting ready to do.

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These officials in the DOJ/FBI perjured themselves to the FISA Court by deliberately hiding/lying about where they were getting their Trump/Russia info from: Hillary Clinton’s political operatives at Fusion GPS. You know this. I know this. Horowitz not only KNOWS THIS…

…Horowitz is going to release a report where he meticulously & exhaustively & extensively SHOWS ALL OF US exactly how they went about committing this perjury to the FISA Court. He **will** refer multiple people who were once at the DOJ/FBI to AG Barr for criminal prosecution.

Let’s take a poll! Horowitz refers Comey, McCabe, Strzok, James Baker, Sally Yates and several others who once worked at the DOJ/FBI to AG William Barr for criminal prosecution for perjuring themselves to FISC & OIG investigators. Barr…




So I see the “Trump f**ked up again and picked the wrong guy to be the new AG” crowd are represented in my comments here. Awesome. “Brian…you don’t understand! You’ve got this all wrong! BARR IS DEEP STATE TOO!”

Wow, you’re right. It just hit me! After more than 2 years knowing he was going to have to replace Sessions when Sessions left, Trump F**KED THAT NOMINATION UP TOO! It all makes perfect sense now! My mistake is **thinking that Trump knows what he’s doing!

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