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McCain was a crafty politician. He knew how the game was played in D.C. He knew he was **supposed** to lose to Obama, so that’s what he did. He knew he had STAFF that were sabotaging his own campaign & he did nothing about it.

McCain **knew** early on he had turncoat Dem operatives planted inside his campaign who were actively sabotaging it and he took no steps to fire these people. Even after they started leaking to the media tall tales about himself and Sarah Palin.

You only know about TWO of these turncoats who were sabotaging the McCain campaign from the inside: Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt. Because they almost immediately got cushy long-term jobs as ‘Republican analysts’ on CNN/MSNBC.

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Here’s why Donald Trump **couldn’t stand** John McCain. Trump came to understand what the Democrats were doing to this country, what their real intentions were. Any Republican or ‘Conservative’ who took a dive against these people was a traitor.

And McCain, like Romney, was ‘too good’ to really fight these bastard Democrats. So they allowed their campaigns to be infiltrated by spies & turncoats & then ‘lost with honor’. Not Trump. Oh no. Trump wasn’t going to play THAT game.

You know what happened when the Democrats sent spies to join his campaign? He either never hired them or he hired them and used them & fed them disinformation and then discarded them when their use usefulness was used up.

I have a strong gut feeling to this day that Manafort was a Democrat plant sent to the Trump campaign to infiltrate it. Trump hired him, used him, then discarded him. As you all know if you’ve followed me for awhile, Manafort & Conway were **never** the REAL campaign manager.

That’s why Trump could make a show of hiring Manafort & then feed him disinfo, use him and then toss him away. Because the public campaign manager was never the **real** campaign manager. Guess who was **really** doing the campaign strategy behind the scenes?

THIS GUY. And most of the news media still rejects this, they simply CAN’T accept that Trump fooled them, kept their attention fixed on the wrong people.

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So not only were the Democrats **unsuccessful** at infiltrating the Trump campaign & sabotaging it from within, like they successfully did in 2008 and 2012, they also were distracted & kept out of Kushner’s way following Manafort & fixated on his manifest corruption….

…and once Manafort was dumped and Conway was the front person, they obsessed over Conway. Nobody paid any attention to Kushner, except for dopey stories about “Jared & Ivanka going against Trump”, trying to undermine Trump’s campaign. Remember those stories?

Watch how many idiots fall for that again. They won’t have learned a goddamn thing. You **will see** a slew of “Oh noes Jared & Ivanka are causin’ TROUBLE for the Old Man again!” in 2020. Suckers.

They try to sabotage him with spies and Trump sabotages them right back. They try to feed him disinformation and he sends his own people to make them run in circles with fake leaks. Trump Plays To WIN. And **that’s** why he couldnt’ STAND John McCain. /end