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Obama’s fortune is from deferred bribes collected after he left office.

Send $1.7B in cash to our enemy, get a 10% commission. $170 million buys a lot.

Don’t think all the cash that went to Iran was just for the Ayatollah.

Time The FBI, DOJ And IRS Start Investigating Barack Obama & Where Is All His Money Coming From Since Leaving Office How Did He Make $135 Million Dollars In Just 3 Short Years Of Leaving Office? “Maybe It Came From “Returning Billions Of Dollars To Iran In Middle Of The Night

Kickbacks from the $1.6 billion he sent to Iran.

From all that taxpayer money he gave out for green energy projects. Just stealing money from the government. He gave those contracts to his friends. And then……..kickbacks.

Remember the pallets of money sent to Iran? Maybe one didn’t make the trip.

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