The lefties who love to slurp up CNN dogfood with their daily nutritional intake are liking Elizabeth Warren more and more. The Cherokee Scarecrow who dances around like Ichabod Crane. Some say, Jiminy Cricket. Either way…

She might be all they have left to feast on, once old crazy Joe and his drug-addicted son end up indicted for their crimes and spend more time defending themselves than running for President. (If he makes it that far before dropping out.)

So Ichabod Warren might be all they have left… I know one ethically and morally challenged democrat that it would suit just fine. How many do you know?

And by the way, does the woman own anything other than a black tank top, black slacks and assorted sweaters /jackets?


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Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 5.11.33 PM.png