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2. Trump’s Executive Order on 20 December 2017 is accepted by most as a good step towards blocking human trafficking.
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3. Few people really understand the jurisdiction that this EO gave him.

I’ve previously written about the Globally Magnitsky Act, understanding it gave global jurisdiction.

To be clear, it did, but the detail within the EO starts to reveal ‘who’ is targeted by this Order.

4. HT to
for this thread that highlighted the powers of this EO in a broader context:
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5. You may need to read Trump’s EO several times to appreciate its brilliance.

Focus on who is the target of this order.
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6. Let me attempt to put this in simple terms:

Any illegal stuff inside the US that is (or will be) owned or controlled by a US person (or anyone connected to them) that the Treasury (Steve Mnuchin) says is corrupt (subject to Pompeo and Barr agreeing) are up shit creek…

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7. …in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle, if they’ve ever abused humans or have ever worked for, or with, anyone who has.

This includes anyone who has been a leader or an official of any of such organisation involved in the same.

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8. Think about what you already know about the Clint0n Foundation and P0desta Group.

Think about S0ros and his transactions.

If they financially controlled US law-makers, then they’ve already been caught in this clever web, created by Trump’s December 2017 Executive Order.

9. This is why I suggested that the Flynn case is the tipping point for the full reveal of corruption, world wide.

It exposed that Obama & the FBI were willing to frame their own, but also opens up the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) information.

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10. The thread above reveals that the Deep State dutifully completed all their Registrations, thinking they would never be found.

And they weren’t either, until Trump’s EO on 20 December 2017.

Now do you see why the Deep State is in total panic… all over the world?

11. All their connections, supply chains and money flows via US persons, foreign agents or NGO’s that had [targeted] current or former Government officials on their Board, have been blocked.

This will be bigger than any of us understand.

Enjoy the take down.