“The weekly summary is going to be all the projects I’ve been working on and an update on all the research. There’s copious amounts of research and there’s many many projects I’m working on simultaneously.

So I’m going to just go at them one at a time and give you the updates that we have and the things that we’re still working on. So I’m going to cover a number of topics.

One is going to be this whole mystery around Singapore, we’re going to cover that Singapore University, Duke University — that little thing.

Then there’s another mystery in South Korea with this cult that looks like the human petri dish cult, that seem to be the ultimate spreaders, so we’re gonna cover that.

In the second round we have another mystery here in Maryland, right here on the “diplomatic back channel,” the beautiful Potomac. That’s Governor Hogan and these five hundred thousand test kits and dealing with secret negotiations with a foreign power in the middle of the greatest crisis in the world’s history, going behind the President’s back when you’re running the Governors Association.

We’re gonna talk about Johns Hopkins and how they’re farming out contracts right now for doing surveillance, tag and trade surveillance that’s going to be vital strategies.

We’re gonna talk about the New York tri-county area and we’ll go on from there.

We’re going to talk about Project Four: Judy Mikovitz, and her book that I’m reviewing “Plague,” which has a lot of great information in it.  If you’ve never tackled this area of viruses and and bio weapons before, it’s a good primer. It’s well worth two dollars on Amazon.

We’re going to go into a lot of her detail here and I want to talk about what I believe is a unifying theory of what actually happened in Nevada, in Reno.  Her arrest and all the things that kind of blew up in her life and why, and what I believe actually was going on. So there’s a mystery there that we’re going to talk about …get a little bit into the pathophysiology, so we continue to work on that.

People may remember my series with Paul Cottrell, Kevin McCarran the neurologist, and Cliff High –  all these people who are working on pathophysiology as well as a lot of the doctors that you know: Dr. Shiva and Dr. Guitar and and various doctors on the internet.

We still haven’t solved the Wuhan games crisis, the NATO Wuhan games, what happened there.  We have all these teams coming down sick during the games. We haven’t solved that crisis yet or the mystery of all these Italian doctors, Dr. de Carli, Dr. Renza, who say it started in October in Milan –  this very deadly outbreak in Milan.

So we’re gonna cover that.

We are gonna talk about all the people who are doing the profiteering from Fort Detrick, you know them as Doctor Sina, but then there’s also this Jen’s Kuhn so we’re gonna talk about that a little bit.

We’re gonna talk about aerosolizing these things and how it’s been ever since the first days that Fort Dietrich opened, the whole idea was to aerosolize — meaning be able to spread a poison efficiently over a large geographic area rather than needing a toxic cult.

We’re talking about GlaxoSmithKline. You may have seen my last episode that I did on the guy who has getting paid a million dollars a year Slough II (?) is this name so we’ll be able to speak about that and the insiders pay-to-play.

We’re gonna talk about Teva the Israeli drug company making drugs in Russia going all the way back to Vera Pharma and Rahm Emanuel and Abbott Labs have been doing this virus vaccine game using these Russian proxies which are really NATO operatives that have been doing this for 40 years  — 20 years at least .

We still have the patient 31 — you may not remember patient 31 who single-handedly infects 5,000 people. That’s a lot of people!

Bio aerosols and HIV basically been aerosolized with CoVid19. We’re going to get there.

Jim Woolsey wrote a book ex-CIA Director who seems to be out of the heart of all these things, wrote a book called DARK WINTER, which was an exercise on this topic.

And so forth…”