This evening I’ve spent some “down time” relaxing, working a 500 piece puzzle (I can’t remember the last puzzle I’ve done!) and listening to the podcasts of my favorites: X22Report, Tracy Beanz excellent interview with Devin Nunes, Dan Bongino’s show, IPOT, and just now, George Webb with John (“MacDuff”) OLaughlin, and Professor Hamamoto.

It’s this last one that has my complete attention. They’re talking about the drug companies (BigPharma), the president’s constant referral to a “vaccine for CoVid,” the new vaccine drug czar, and the intentions of those who have malevolent plans for humankind.  If I didn’t know them well enough (especially George) I would have thought I was listening to a science fiction movie. A frightening one.

You should be listening to them too. It’s eye opening. I issue a caveat: none of these gentlemen for whom I have tremendous respect are aware of Q and The Plan. Thus, their concern for all of us is legitimate, and their fear that Trump doesn’t have this in hand is understandable.

I also listened to George and John’s show from a few days ago. Most interesting and instructive. What these pharmaceutical firms are doing — and who is involved — is beyond fascinating and  beyond your wildest dreams.