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From Free Republic:

Here’s how it could have played out. Chauvin’s boss/handler tells him he needs to do a hit on George Floyd. He’s told by his boss something to the effect ‘I want you to get that SOB and I want you to make him suffer. (Hence the long drawn out asphyxiation rather than a quick gunshot to the head.) And I want to see it. I’m sending so-and-so along with you to film it for me.”

So he sends a friendly along with them to film it for their boss. Now that might seem like a stretch that Chauvin and his crew would not get suspicious that they were being set up, but remember that Chauvin had been getting away with this kind of stuff for years. After nine years of being protected, Chauvin probably viewed himself as untouchable and had no reason to believe that this event would be anything different.

As it turned out, the DS had bigger fish to fry and set him and his crew up. Once taken into custody the DS would make sure that he would be handled and interviewed by crooked cops and prosecutors only, so nothing but the DS sanctioned narrative would get out.”

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From Free Republic:

Apparently parts of NYC were safe zones, they released almost all of the looters that were arrested under a new bail reform law.

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