George Webb reports…

CHOP Useful Idiots With RAZ AK-47s in Minneapolis today, heading to NYC for Fourth of July. What could go wrong?
[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, July 2nd, 2020]
Okay, it’s July 2nd, 2020, diplomatic back channel here behind me, George Webb on the Potomac.
We said that this RAZ in the CHAZ was not a laughing stock. We said that he was an agent of UAE. This guy who’s the warlord gets an $82,000 dollar grant from the Mayor of Seattle to make films about raping white girls and running weapons. It’s a recruiting operation. RAZ was a recruiting operation. CHAZ was a recruiting operation. The CHOP was a recruiting operation. And the culling mechanism is you’re recruiting you’re useful idiots for terror campaigns.
You start with sea shells and balloons and street fairs, you get into the more serious doing violence. You do get your very core hateful group of useful idiots.
You go through a ritual killing, like the killing of a 19 year-old, and the wounding, you show wounding, you show pain. You, the kid bled, I saw his father on Hannity last night, the kid bled out at the Mexican restaurant and all the gang members had to watch him bleed out for eight hours. Watching somebody bleed to death. You’re in a murder conspiracy now. They did again, with minors, with a 16 year-old and a 14 year-old, two nights later, in an exact repeat of this murder conspiracy, and this is a core of silence. Now you’re a brotherhood of silence.
These are the useful idiots.
They are going now, the core group, the final culled group, now are going to go through Minnesota, they’re going to pick up weapons. They were already showing them how to use AK-47s, and shooting AK-47s, to commit these ritual murders in Seattle. Now they’re going to the core ANTIFA Group. This is Keith Ellison’s DNC. This is the Muslim Brotherhood we’ve been talking about, and they’re going on to New York City.
What are they going to do in New York City? They CHAZ now has moved, the CHOP now has moved to the County Building, down at City Hall Building, excuse me, down in New York City, and those people are sitting ducks over the 4th of July weekend for these useful idiots.
Remember we’re going to have these ANTIFA regulars. These are the Peter Strzok and Keith Ellison DNC Imran Awan types that have been around for dozen, a dozen years or more. They know how to manipulate these useful idiots. You put weapons, useful idiots, core ANTIFA people, and a large event like 4th of July in New York, together, it’s a bad combination. It’s a bad combination.
Again, you can read it in Awan Minutes To Midnight, how these terror campaigns work, using this very, this is not the moderate group inside of Israel, but this is the extreme group that the Awans were working with. The extreme group that is doing these false flag terror campaigns in the United States.
That’s what we talked about. We’re not saying all Israel bad here. We are talking about this group that does these false flag attacks in order to manipulate US politics and they will not stop at creating a terror incident and then blaming it on some useful idiot kid that was recruited in the CHAZ or the CHOP in Seattle.
It’s the same color revolution thing over and over, the same false flag thing over and over. We have to call it out before it happens.
I can just see it unfolding like a bad school play. I can see that these kids, these useful idiots with handling AK-47s for the first time, pointing them at people, innocent civilians in New York during a time when all kinds of fireworks are going off and popping all around them over the 4th of July weekend is a bad combination.
Remember he, the RAZ, the warlord that gives the weapons to these useful idiots is being backed by the UAE, is being backed by the MBZ dark prince of gunrunning, that did Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. It’s the same people. It’s the same blackberry carriers with Keith Ellison and Andre Carson.
That’s your key indicator that this is yet another useful idiot operation that’s going to go badly. It’s going to end at a terror situation in New York on July 4th if we don’t get in front of it.
I put the first two chapters of Awan Minutes To Midnight out on my Parler account for anybody to listen to it. If you don’t want to read it you can listen to it over the 4th of July weekend. I’ll do the rest of the book if it’s popular and people prefer it that way. I’ll also do a video, a video annotation to it, if people want that.
So check it out, Awan Minutes To Midnight, 99 cents on Kindle, or you can listen to the free version which is narrated by me.
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