Kenny Edwards posted this on his FB page and I thought it captured — in everyday language — what my previous post expressed. And what we’re all seeing, sensing and feeling.


Everyone can see WHAT is happening – but isn’t it odd that no one is telling us WHY it’s all happening?

When did all this madness become ‘normal’ – and when can we go back to ‘pre-normal?’

Obviously, it’s only a new normal if we allow it to be..

Let’s start with the masks – the ‘experts’ like Dr. Fauci told us from the beginning that mask usage in public is useless. He proclaimed that back in April on 60 Minutes. Trump doesn’t wear one – nor does he recommend that WE do.

In fact, he’s been telling state leaders for months to open their states. Just so there’s no mistake here – the FEDERAL government is telling the state governments to open.

But they’re doing the opposite . . . why?

The answer might surprise you at how simple it is.

It’s to force a vote-by-mail election for ALL states and all precincts.

Otherwise, the Progressives have ZERO chance of beating Trump this Fall. They HAVE to cheat on a colossal scale – and vote-by-mail-for-all gives them a chance to pull this off. Trump’s economy was growing like a snowball rolling downhill – and his rallies were proving that his popularity was through the roof (don’t believe the fake polls).

The election was quickly becoming a foregone conclusion.

The Progressives – and this includes (sadly) most of our government, most of the media, teachers unions, city councilmembers, Wall St, Fortune 500 execs, etc, etc – desperately need him to go away.

They were guilty of – to put it bluntly – a coup . . . and he’s slowly exposing it all. Our lives, our fortunes, our families, our safety, our health – mean nothing to Progressives.

Zero. Nada.

We’re just collateral damage to them. It’s total power they want – and they were MUCH closer than most of us realize to pulling off the impossible.

So wear that mask – and shame others who don’t. When you do, you’re doing the bidding of the Progressive Party. And by the time you realize how badly you’ve been duped, Civil War 2.0 will have begun.

As Pink Floyd says, “no one told you when to run . . . you’ve missed the starting gun.”

Now for the sudden onslaught of violence in our streets – and the local and state governments who promoted it and refuse to stop it.

The same end goal is at play here – GET TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.

Duh . . . what else would it be?

Think of it as a conversation – Progressives from both sides of the aisle promote the violence and justify their actions based on a ‘police brutality’ issue. The usual scenario – white cop, black perp. Happens all the time when other races are plugged into this equation – but the timing of this was beyond interesting.

Trump responds by encouraging states to use their state national guard troops to restore order. A few did – but many didn’t. Some wouldn’t allow their national guard troops to carry ammo while restoring order. Some are in the process of defunding their own police departments. But the big picture here is that the Progressives are trying to set the stage for an incident that they can exploit. They need citizens to BEG Trump to send in the military to protect them (since state governments won’t do this) – and that’s when they hijack the optics and create another Kent State. This way, they can blame Trump – the Commander in Chief – for the ‘tragedy.’ The media will gladly run the story 24/7 – and use explosive rhetoric to hype it. ‘Experts’ will be called in to debate whether Trump’s behavior might render him ‘unfit for office.’

They DESPERATELY need this – but Trump isn’t taking their bait. He sees the trap – and won’t fall into it.

The other side is getting careless – and doubling down. In the meantime, however, citizens are waking up to the coup that was taking place around them by those in government whom they trusted. Local, county, and state politicians who SEEMED conservative – are anything but.

Yes – there is a virus . . . and yes, it kills SOME people. But most people – roughly 99.99% – don’t die. Many don’t know they have it. The more we test – the more obvious it is that the virus isn’t anymore deadly than H1N1.

We didn’t shut the country down for THAT one.

Yes, we’re being played.

But if we refuse to allow them to succeed, they won’t.