ANONS – I understand now. These two things – they’re connected!! “Biden Island” event…. THIS is the thread they’re terrified of coming out. The connection no one has made yet.

We already know the name of a Child Sex Crimes investigator at the FBI was looking into Hunter.

We got Chanel Rion’s post today on twitter about an “underage obsession.”

We know the laptop repair guy went to BOTH the media and the FBI because of what he found on Hunter’s laptop.

Hunter raped a kid.

But no one is asking the obvious question, yet:


ANSWER: It’s going to be either Water Island or Epstein’s Island, and it doesn’t matter which, because both are connected to Biden and Epstein. They’re 8 and a half miles apart, and connected by submarine.

Hunter raped a kid that was funneled through a human trafficking lane operated by Epstein and Joe Biden. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was related to that check he got from the Moscow mayor. The elites prefer to rape white kids, even though black kids are often easier to obtain due to poverty and proximity, so Eastern Europe, and Mormon populations are popular human trafficking sources.

So what do they do? Make a big “Biden Island” event online, out of the blue, in order to skew the search results. Every media outlet will cover this in unison. They’ll all write glowing stories about Biden doddering around a virtual island, and this will obscure incriminating search results.

It’s not a coincidence. This is what they’re prepping for.

The utility of Biden’s “mental health” cover becomes more obvious by the day.