Some say this is a spoof. If it is, wouldn’t this dialog have been great?

Savannah: While we’re denouncing, let me ask you about Qanon. It is this theory that Democrats are a satanic pedophile ring and you are the savior of that. Now can you just, once and for all, state that this is completely not true, and disavow Qanon in its entirety.

DJT: I know nothing about “Qanon”. I know very little.

Savannah: I just told you.

DJT: Oh, well you know so much, please tell me more. Look, the way you push for me to disavow, it seems like you think that fighting pedophiles and satan worshipping deep state criminals is a bad thing? Is that what you are getting at?

Savannah: No, b-but…..

DJT: Look, okay, I’ve heard, indirectly, that these anons are helping to inform the public of the truth while the fake news pushes disinformation and propaganda. Since you seem to know all about the so-called “Qanon” you must have heard this?

Savannah: Which is totally baseless, by the way. Fully debunked conspiracy….

DJT: … and your tone about denouncing the fighting of pedophilia, it makes me think you are condoning pedophilia and satanism. Will you denounce, right now, pedophilia and satanism Savannah?

Savannah: Well of course, I would never condone…..

DJT: Well you say that but here you are, 4 years later, still asking me about supporting white supremacists. What else do you know about Qanon Savannah? We’ve got all night here. Please inform me, I know nothing about it.


A great night in Miami, Florida for President Trump!