I don’t mean to alarm you, but…

I had just finished listening to Dave at X22REPORT on Bitchute, during which he brought up an ominous comment Joe Biden said twice during this past week’s presidential debate.

Biden held up his black mask, looked straight into the camera and said “We’re about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter.”

Biden said twice that we’re heading into a “dark winter.”

Dark Winter is the name of a biowarfare simulation/operation drill that took place on June 22nd, 2001 at Andrews AFB in which a deadly smallpox designed by Johns Hopkins was to be released to spark a public health crisis.

Shortly after listening to that episode X22REPORT on Bitchute, I checked my email and found a piece by Leo Hohmann that did not give me comfort. In fact, it (coincidentally) connected to what Dave (X22REPORT) spoke about in his report.

I warn you. What you are about to read is unsettling. But before you read it, keep in mind that three years ago, Q told us Trump and the Patriots are in charge, and prepared for any and all eventualities of what the Deep State criminals have planned.

The President’s intelligence team “Q” has told us what to expect. Note the date – Nov 1, 2017, almost exactly three years to the days ahead of Nov. 3rd, Election Day 2020.

Armed with those messages from Q, here’s what is expected to hit us once the election results are announced:

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden holds up a mask as President Donald Trump takes notes during the second and final presidential debate Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020, at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Morry Gash, Pool)

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  1. Don’t forget about “us” – the 2A supporters who will swoop down and put an end to the anarchists.
    The Dark Winter project didn’t take us into their little equation.

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