What’s going on? Well, the anons have been digging, and here’s what they’ve found out about Hunter Biden’s strange tattoo .

Anons noticed the tattoo on Hunter Biden’s back and recognized it as a map of the Finger Lakes located in upstate New York. Here’s what their research revealed:

Biden tattoo is an exact map of finger lakes in upstate New York. Area famous for Underground Railroad tunnels for transporting slaves. Creepy mansions and abandoned military bunkers.”

From Albany to Buffalo, police are looking for children who have gone missing across Upstate New York. Details of the 47 children and teens currently missing across the region are posted on the Department of Criminal Justice Services Missing Persons Clearinghouse website in an effort to notify the public about these individuals.

Anyone with information about any of these children is asked to call the New York Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3543. The city from which each child is missing is listed next to their name, and details are listed underneath each photo.

Q has mentioned “water” many times, as in “Watch the Water.”