And soon we will see the tide turn.

Wayne Allyn Root:

“Trump is a real-life Rocky Balboa. Trump is screaming “Hit me, c’mon, hit me, I dare you.” He gets hit, but he never goes down. Trump has failed a hundred times in business. He’s lost his entire fortune. At one point he was worth negative $4 billion. And of course, we all know he was counted out a thousand times during the 2016 election campaign. 

But just like Rocky Balboa, you can never count Trump out. He’s relentless. I like to give this priceless advice: No one has ever gotten rich betting against America, or Donald J. Trump.

It’s all happening again- except on steroids. The polls are crooked- again. And of course, if anyone thought it was dangerous to announce your support of Trump in 2016, that was a picnic compared to today. Today you can be beaten to death for wearing a Trump cap. Today you can be firebombed for putting a Trump sign on your lawn. Today you will lose your job for saying “All Lives Matter.” 

Today the liberal mob is destroying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln statues. They’re setting fire to the Virgin Mary. They’re looting and burning police stations. Democrat Governors are preventing you from going to church. Democrat Mayors are painting taxpayer-funded streets with “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s the best one of all: Museum curators are being fired for buying art pieces from white artists. 

Today you’re taking your job, career, business and life in your hands to admit anywhere, to anyone, you support Trump. 

You still think those polls are accurate? You don’t see it coming? This is Groundhog Day. And Trump is Rocky Balboa. 

Trump’s not just going to win. It’s going to be an electoral landslide. The Silent Majority isn’t just angry this time around. We’re out for blood. We want revenge for what liberals have done to our country and economy. We won’t forget or forgive. We’re silent now. But we will speak LOUDLY on November 3rd.

I’m betting on it.”


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